Collagen and Skin: A Love Story

We love collagen here at Crushed Tonic (duh!)  No doubt you have heard about everything that collagen can do from us, whether it be increased bone support to strengthening nails. Today we want to highlight how collagen can help transform your skin and all of the benefits that you might notice as you take Crushed Tonic!

If you have been struggling with your skin as you age and notice that creams and topical solutions don’t do the trick, look no further than us to help!

Collagen and Age

Collagen is known for its power to give a boost to the skin, helping it to appear more radiant and reduce signs of aging. As it is the most abundant protein that we have, it works to keep skin, nails, and hair looking their best.

As we enter our mid-20's we begin to lose collagen.

In women this can especially be an issue, with females losing up to 30% of total collagen production in the beginning of menopause. This can quickly lead to signs of aging, whether it be extra wrinkles, weaker joints, or brittle nails. 

Benefits for the Skin

An added collagen boost from our products at Crushed Tonic can provide the push that your skin needs to glow and look its best. Collagen is proven to improve skin elasticity and make it easier for skin to hold onto moisture.

When we ingest collagen, our cells can build stronger walls that can hold in moisture better. This is especially important as we age because the decreased collagen production will cause skin to be drier and prone to wrinkles. Adding some of that collagen back every day can help not only with aging, but also with diminishing scarring, dark circles, and appearance of pores.

There are a few factors that can fast track your collagen loss.

It’s important to wear sunscreen every day, as that can keep you from losing extra as you age. Also, try to avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption as they affect the levels of collagen as well and have connections to many negative health issues. 

Smoking and drinking also damage our liver, which regulates our detoxification system. Even exposure to secondhand smoke along with excessive drinking greatly raises the risk of liver disease in the future.

These bad habits have serious health consequences such as premature mental aging, along with physical ailments that can lead to someone looking much older than they actually are. Your skin and liver will thank you in the long run for limiting your use! 

Collagen can be an elixir for some of the most common problems, especially as we age. Supplements like ours are very beneficial when it comes to wrinkles and skin elasticity issues because of our solution to skin problems from the inside out.

With Crushed Tonic, you can add some skin-loving nutrients to your daily routine in one easy drink! 

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