About Our Keratin and Biotin Hair Boosters

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a structural protein that is similar to collagen and a crucial component of healthy skin, hair, and nails. Its main job is to form structural tissues such as hair follicles and nails.

Collagen is the nutritional gasoline that supplies amino acids with the proper structure, and  DFK™ GLOW is the spark plug for this fuel, converting dietary collagen to the proper forms of collagen to improve your inner beauty routine.


DFK™ GLOW works synergistically  with dietary collagen.

Your body produces keratin naturally because DFK™ GLOW works synergistically with dietary collagen. It boost the body’s ability to produce the right structural proteins to repair wrinkles and strengthen hair follicles and nails. 

This is achieved by activating skin cells that have the right nutritional input to specifically make collagen IV and collagen VII. Because the binding proteins that join the dermal and epidermal layers essential for smooth, wrinkle free skin as well as anchoring hair follicles into the scalp.

As a result of the highest natural abundance of sulfur amino acids DFK™ GLOW has also been shown to:

  • Upregulate glutathione synthesis boosting antioxidant defense mechanisms, and
  • Promote taurine synthesis supplementing anti-inflammatory response


DFK™ GLOW promotes

  • Wrinkle reduction by building the dermal-epidermal
  • Stronger hair follicles by promoting anchoring of follicles in the
  • Healthy nail growth by providing the right amino acid

Research into DFK™ GLOW

DFK™ GLOW promotes wrinkle reduction by building the dermal epidermal junction. 

Collagens IV and VII are essential structural proteins that are the building blocks of the dermal-epidermal junction in the skin and hair follicle. Rebuilding the right type of collagen at the base of each wrinkle is an important approach to reversing wrinkle formation due to age associated collagen degradation (Contet- Audonneau et al., 1999)

Comparison of expression of collagen IV (left) and collagen VII (right) in skin cells (keratinocytes), comparing no keratin to when keratin is provided as a cell nutrient.

Because  DFK™ GLOW is supplied as a nutrient as opposed to regular cell nutrients. Well-nourished skin cells exposed to stress showed a 35% faster skin cell development with it. This is due to the increased creation of collagen IV and collagen VII each day after the introduction of the keratin.

DFK™ GLOW protects from

  • Ageing stresses to hair, skin and nail tissue
  • Radical induced damage
  • Inflammation to skin


DFK™ GLOW promotes stronger hair follicles by boosting anchoring of follicles in the scalp.

Analysis of hair follicles using an ex-vivo study has shown that DFK™ promotes increased expression of collagen IV in particular in the hair follicle, strengthening the anchoring of the follicle into the skin and improving hair health (Roddick-Lanzilotta et. al., 2019)


DFK™ GLOW promotes healthy nail growth by providing the right amino acid balance.

DFK™ GLOW is made entirely of keratin protein, the same protein found in nails. Collagen (0g/100g), whey (2.1g/100g), and soy (1.1g/100g) have very low cysteine contents when compared to keratin (7-12g/100g).

DFK™ GLOW is uniquely positioned to provide the right amount of cystine, and the right balance of the other amino acids. These are required to provide the body with what it needs for strong, healthy nail growth.


Side effects

No known side effects of ingestion of DFK™ GLOW. For efficacy 400mg daily inclusion is recommended.


For vegetarian formulations aimed at collagen formation, healing, stress recovery, and injury rehabilitation. DFK™ GLOW is a free-flowing powder that is perfect for tabletting and capsules. The suggested daily intake of DFK™ GLOW as a dietary supplement is 400mg.


DFK™ GLOW is stable over a wide pH range and under conditions of elevated temperature.

Quality Assurance

  • Halal certified Vegetarian certified        
  • Non-GMO          
  • Sustainable harvesting and production, full ingredient traceability.



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