Crushed Club: Sam Neider

Sam (@samneider) is a Californian surfer, singer and musician, who loves spending as much time as possible in the studio + collaborating with other creatives. 

Tell me a little about yourself!  

Hi!  I'm Sam. I'm addicted to the beach, love to surf, a total gymrat, and I try to #yogaeverydamnday because I love it!  Health and family are my #1 priorities.  Creativity is #2. 

Where do you live?  

I live in Venice, CA, but split time between CA, Maryland, and North Carolina. 

What role has collagen played for you? 

As a sun-worshipper, wrinkles are pretty much a given.  For as much of a proponent for natural aging as I am, I was still looking for ways to reduce the lines and plump up my skin.  All of my girlfriends were loading their faces up with botox, and I knew I didn't want to go that route. When I turned 30 I saw a huge shift in my skin and decided to start taking it seriously + experimenting.  CRUSHED TONIC has been the only collagen product that I've felt great about inside and out.  

What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic? 

I wish I had before and after photos! My hair is thicker, my nails are definitely stronger and grow faster, and the elasticity of my skin is way better.  My skin holds moisture longer!

What are 3 other foods or supplements you try to incorporate to your diet daily routinely? 

I take a B Vitamin Complex because I'm a stress case.  I also try to eat the rainbow every day, incorporating different colors of fruits and veggies into my meals.  Breakfast is my absolute favorite --> I usually eat 2 9min hard boiled eggs (free-range, organic, of course), spinach, red cabbage, shredded carrots, and asparagus, with sesame seeds on top, olive oil, and squeeze some lemon juice all over it.  I'm super active and I try to weave in foods that support muscle recovery: lean meats (chicken, fish, eggs), lots of veggies, lots of fruit, definitely a smoothie.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE chia seed pudding made with Vanilla Almond Milk.  

Any wellness or skincare/ hair tips? 

YES!  DRINK WATER!  I drink anywhere from .5-1 gallon of water per day.  I'll throw some mint leaves, ginger, or lemon in to bump up my energy, balance my pH, and promote better absorption into my cells.  

A smoothie a day... keeps the doctor, the dentist, and the hunger away.  With matcha crush! 

Temperature Therapy!  I sat in a steam room with a neuroscientist for about an hour a few years ago (Extra Tip: Steam Shower.  Every. Damn. Day.).  She said that alternating hot + cold water on your feet (the bottoms of your feet) and ankles not only promotes circulation throughout your body, but it creates new neuropathways in your brain, increasing focus, productivity, cell healing, and overall health.  Also, taking a tip from @theskinnyconfidential - I splash my face with ice cold water every morning before starting any sort of skincare routine.  It tightens the skin and wakes you the F!@# up real quick. 

Steam Room... I try to steam every day.  I absolutely love hot, humid, sticky weather anyways (yes, I know, most people think I'm nuts), but it helps my muscles relax and melt, it boosts circulation, and it opens up my pores so that my skincare products can penetrate deeper.  The only thing you have to be careful of after a steam room is making sure you shower and moisturize right after.  If the room is too hot, theres a chance you will dry your skin and hair out. 

Other Wellness Tips? 

I am a Gabby Bernstein junkie and I read one of her books (or re-read one of her books) every quarter.  It helps me clear out negativity that I've been carrying around and focus on love. The Universe Has Your Back is my favorite. 

Move.  Wake up and get your heart rate up for at least 5 minutes before you start your day.  I spend 60-90min in the gym, but I'm also excessive, ha!As long as you move throughout the day, you're good!

See an esthetician.  Even if you can only afford it once, go for 1 consultation and a facial to have a professional diagnose and analyze your skin/recommend products.  

Taking a tip from Gwenyth Paltrow: exfoliate your face every day to every other day... may sound crazy, but I saw an incredible shift in my complexion and my dry patches when I started exfoliating every day.  I use Kate Somerville EXFOLIKATE and leave it on for 2-5min. 

Lay it on thick.... at night.  I use a super thick, almost-petroleum-like salve at night... and during the day on most days when I'm working from home. 

Any morning / evening rituals?  

Evening Rituals:  Read something inspiring and my quarterly goals so they're floating around in my subconscious while I sleep.  Turn my phone on airplane mode so I'm not getting wifi-ed all night. 

Morning Rituals:  Open my eyeballs, pray, splash face with cold water, read some gabby b coursework or listen to a podcast while I inhale coffee and 1/4 cup of steel cut oatmeal, throw on gym clothes + get a workout in, steam room, breakfast, answer emails, green smoothie w/ Matcha Crush, work work work work work. 

Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor? 

I love you so MATCHA!

Favorite Crushed Tonic recipe?  

Matcha-Mint Green Smoothie --> Frozen Spinach, Frozen Mango, Frozen Pineapple, Dates, Almond Milk + sometimes a little ginger.

Favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?  

Currently, I'm in Bethesda MD and SUMMER HOUSE by @jeffmahin is my favorite spot.  When I'm in Venice, I'm a Zinque addict.  When I'm in North Carolina, I cook my little ass off. 

Favorite magazine?


Favorite athletic brand?  

ALL FENIX x @oneofeightshowroom 

Favorite place in the world?  

Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu.... Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a close 2nd. 

Favorite dessert? 

I've got a gnarly sweet tooth so this is a tough one... Currently.... @milkbar CRACK PIE.

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