The Best Skincare Routine You Have To Know

Most people think Asian people’s skin looks so good, especially Korean and Japanese. The reason for Korean is they have all types of face masks and usually Korean people do it every single day. But for Japanese people, they have the best skincare brands that make your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. 

Out of all the brands in Japan, there’s one brand I have to share with all my Crush Babies. Why? Because I can’t keep any secrets from my Crushed Tonic fam!


The inspiration behind “ALBION” is from the island of Great Britain which means “White Land” and the name is derivative of the White Cliff of Dever, a region of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover, known for stunning white chalk cliffs. 

The routine I’m using really changed my skin after 1-2 weeks. But if I didn’t follow the step, then it wouldn’t change my skin that much.

It actually has 5 steps.

Serum  ---  Moist  ---  Beauty Oil  ---   Mask  ---  Serum

The first Serum is Eclafutur D, it will instantly repair the damage cells sustain on a daily basis. This cell repairing serum restores every function of the cells and restores the skin to a beautiful condition.

And then we should use Moist, which we have different options. For people just want to keep skin hydrated, you can choose Moist Advance Milk I/II/III. The difference between these 3 is different skin types. For oily skin, you should choose I; and for normal skin, you should choose II; and III is for dry skin type. 

The next step is the oil: Herbal Oil Gold. This multi-use oil promotes problem-free skin that's supple, glowing, and firm. It contains rich amounts of Inca omega oil and borage oil which are effective remedies for rough skin. And even it's oil, but with a lightweight yet rich texture, it makes the skin moist and supple without greasiness.

For the mask part, some people will be confused. Because not everyone used to do face masks everyday. But actually we are using the Skin Conditioner Essential. This signature lotion quickly strengthens skin’s condition, and restores healthy, trouble-free skin. It increases the skin’s natural healing power, restores disrupted turnover cycles to normal and keeps the skin healthy. It also works for roughness, acne and breakouts. And I know you may ask me how to use it as a mask since it feels toner or lotion. So it is really simple, you can either use facial cottons or a compressed facial mask sheet. 

After 5-10 minutes, we can start doing the last step. Which is Exage Vital Focus, it rapidly infuses the skin with super-ingredients for beautification and fortification, this serum instantly and substantially boosts the functioning of cells for skin.

After I used all these 5 products and followed these steps. I can easily tell my skin became more soft and smooth after 2 weeks. And I was shocked by that but at the same time I don't know how to live without this skincare routine!

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