Why We Started This All

#1 we wanted to target the root of our skin problems 

Because so many of our skin and hair problems circle back to our stomach and liver, two of our most stressed out, hung over organs, we packed our tonic with superfoods filled with antioxidants all clinically proven to fight inflammation, indigestion, mineral deficiency, and fatigue.

#2 we curated MULTIPLE top of the shelf ingredients, from sources we trust.

Our ingredients are all premium, and very expensive. But they're the core of our products, so we couldn't have done it any other way. Our collagen is expertly extracted, sterilized, filtered, and best of all, traceable (how often can you say you knew exactly where your protein came from, and how many steps it took for it to get to your plate?) Our probiotics are also some of the strongest of their kind, and have been backed by over 20 published studies. So to work out the math quickly for you, probiotics ($25-$65 / month) + pure marine collagen ($50-90/month) + biotin + all of the different superfoods... need we say more? 

#3 we chose marine collagen over bovine because it's more effective and environmentally friendly, but also because the processing of bovine collagen is scary

Our marine collagen is more effective because it is smaller and more bioavailable, and it's also environmentally friendly (marine collagen is extracted from the fish skin usually thrown away!).
We were shocked to find out how bovine collagen was made: left over cow hides, thrown out from butchers, would travel a long period of time to get to a plant, and then get boiled in some solution, before becoming milled into powder. No sterilization and no filtration.  

#4 we're doctor and dermatologist approved

We know how important it is to feel confident in making a new wellness choice, which is why we sought the opinion and approval of doctors and dermatologists in formulating our infusions. If you ever have questions or concerns about adding something new to your diet, we suggest talking to your physician. But you can also feel secure in the knowledge that our ingredients and our products are tried and tested.

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