What Can Collagen Do For Your Hair?

It’s no secret that collagen can help you in many areas of life, whether it be skin, nails, or joint health. Adding some to your daily routine can help to fill in the gaps in nutrition that you might miss, which can lead to some amazing results when it comes to your appearance and overall health. Taking care of yourself by using Crushed Tonic can do more for your hair than many topical products, and the benefits just begin there!

Hair Loss

Many people experience hair loss, and collagen supplements can be a great way to both strengthen hair and improve growth. Collagen contains amino acids, specifically arginine, glutamine, and methionine, that build keratin, the primary protein that makes up your hair. When you take your daily dose of Crushed Tonic, you are fueling your hair directly! 

Collagen also can fight damage that free radicals, compounds that form because of factors such as stress, air pollution or smoking, cause. These can harm cells, DNA, and your hair follicles. This is especially true as we age because older people have a harder time defending these free radicals that can cause hair follicles to be damaged, so collagen can help to neutralize these issues!

Hair and Aging 

Another antioxidant power that collagen contains is the ability to slow graying because it neutralizes these free radicals. That’s right, collagen could help slow gray hairs! 

Hair loss and thinning are also sped up during the aging process. The dermis (the layer of skin that connects to each individual hair) is made up of 70% collagen, making it important in keeping a full head of hair.

Supplementing with collagen can help to thicken the hair as thinning is directly correlated to the loss of collagen.

Collagen has never been easier and more fun to take than with our products at Crushed Tonic! Whether you want it in matcha, coffee, or original flavor to add to a drink, you will be fueling your body because of the healing powers of collagen. 

If you have noticed your hair thinning or are having issues with it, there’s no better way to try collagen than in a Crushed Tonic package! 

You get a delicious drink that packs a powerful punch when it comes to benefits, especially for your hair. 


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