What Do Machine Gun Kelly and Collagen Have In Common? (Hint: Nails!)

We're obsessed with Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's relationship and fashion choices. Between his bold ideas such as a painted black tongue and her stunning looks across the board, they’ve certainly kept us entertained on the red carpet this year. 

You may have noticed one detail that the couple chooses to coordinate- their nails. They’ve pulled multiple show-stopping nail looks, and we’re here to talk about it as well as how collagen could help their nails. 

A Nail Art Love Story

Their first matching nail look was when they made their red carpet debut at the American Music Awards last year. He chose coral, and she: hot pink, and they both included semicircles with black lines. It was a perfect touch to their looks, and a great start to the relationship. 

One of the most famous (and fabulous) looks came together at the end of May at the Billboard Music Awards. His nail artist, Brittney Boyce of Nails of LA, outdid herself with this look for them. She did a black and white checker design with a twist on MGK’s, and chose to do French tips on Fox. 

Collagen & Nails

Machine Gun Kelly, like the rest of us, needs to keep his nails in top shape in order to keep getting them done. We’ve all had instances of nails breaking or being brittle after nail treatments such as gel, dip, or added acrylics. 

If you had to guess his favorite supplement, what would it be?

We’d guess Crushed Tonic! 

#Collagen is integral for nail health, especially combined with #biotin. 💅

Studies show that consuming oral supplements daily showed an increase of 12% in nail growth rates and a decrease of 42% when it comes to broken nails. We personally think MGK would love our #Coffee Crush, considering his love of coffee evident by him opening a coffee shop in Cleveland, “The 27 Club”!

Collagen provides so many benefits, and improved nail strength is only one of them. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s love of nail art is one that we share, and we think they would love to add some Crushed Tonic into their daily routine to support their nail obsession!

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