What Happened to Me After I Drank Collagen Everyday for 1 Year

Hi everybody!

This is Sally!

I don’t think I talk about my experience with collagen enough— and because I’ve been asked the same questions so frequently, I figured I’d share them with you all as well.

How often?

Everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Favorite Flavor?

My favorite flavor is the matcha crush, but once in awhile, I freak out because once in a blue moon, I make the turmeric crush + almond milk latte, and I ask myself why I don't make myself it more often.

How I prepare my collagen lattes:

I don’t like drinking it with any collagen clumps, but I also don’t always have an electric whisk with me.

So I hacked the process a little bit; now, all I need is an empty water bottle.

In the empty water bottle, I’ll pour my crush in, and then add a tiny bit of water (really, just 1 tbsp. It’s all about the proportions here, so don’t add too much water.).

I'll shake the bottle until the crush has dissolved and turned into an elixir.

Then, I heat up coconut, almond, or pea milk (my favorite is pea milk) in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Finally, I’ll add the mixture into the heated up almond milk latte, and stir. I sometimes like to add things like vanilla extract, non-dairy creamers, and superfood powders to spice things up a bit!

What benefits have I been seeing since taking Crushed Tonic?

Over the course of my <2 year collagen + probiotics + biotin regimen, here are some of the things I’ve picked up on during my collagen regimen:

  • I become fuller and more satiated throughout the day.
    • This makes sense; because it’s essentially like drinking bone broth, and since every drink is packed with 10 g of protein, I don't get hungry for hours after.
  • My hair grew so much more quicker, and my eyelashes & eyebrows grew in thicker. My anxiety has caused my hair to fall out (either that, or I tug at it every five seconds), but after drinking collagen and biotin together for 6 months +, my bald spot sprouted back up with hair! (Yes, a bald spot. I started to have one since the age of 16 because I did cheerleading and dance all of my life, and the super crisp, super high ponytails did a number on the root of my hair strands. It was so bad that my sister would put eyeshadow to color them in sometimes before my recitals).
  • My skin is so much more hydrated. I used to have chronically dry skin that would peel (the WORST over the winter months in NYC), so I always had a spritz and facial lotion with me, everywhere I went. I barely need to wear moisturizer now!
  • My pores, around my nose, have gotten smaller.
  • My under eye dark circles have gone away. This truly was such a crazy discovery for me; I used to have purple rings underneath my eyes.
  • My skin looks more dewy, and glowy.
  • My skin has gotten brighter, tighter, head to toe: with less cellulite in my thighs.
  • I lost weight; again, it’s just like drinking bone broth (one that’s flavored, with your favorite things, and tastes nothing like bone broth). So not only did I never forget to drink it because I loved it so much, I consume less calories throughout the day.
  • I get sick less: the probiotics have truly helped me build up my immunity against the everyday things that used to get me sick. And whenever I feel a cold coming, I drink two turmeric crushes, and I'm totally fine again!

But beyond all these benefits, I genuinely enjoy my ritual of making and drinking my Crushed Tonic everyday. I wake up, and instead of running out the door to the next coffee shop, I start prepping my collagen latte. And I smile the entire time I'm drinking it! It’s become such a habit that now my mornings feel incomplete without them— so when you do give it a try, I really recommend that you take 5 minutes to really prep and make your tonic the most perfect for you. 

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Can collagen be consumed everyday? In the packing instruction, it mentioned every 2 days one bottles. So i do not know which to follow

Min October 16, 2018

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