Why Marine Collagen Over Bovine Collagen?

Next time you’re eating fish, you might want to think twice about throwing its skin away. There are many health benefits of consuming fish skin that we overlook in our everyday life. Fish skin (from responsibly sourced fish) is safe to eat. It can be found containing no traceable amounts of mercury, contaminants, or PCBs.

Studies have shown that fish skin, beside being dense in collagen, is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that help support cardiovascular function. In addition, it has strong antioxidant abilities that can help treat type 2 diabetes and symptoms associated with it-- and lastly, of course, the type 1 collagen in fish skin will improve the health of your skin, hair and nails!

Fun fact: Fish skin can also be TOPICALLY beneficial to us. In Brazil, researchers found that they could treat severe burns using fish skin! When placed on a burn of a wound victim, the collagen from fish skin is extrapolated and transferred, speeding up healing of the burns. The tilapia treatment can quicken healing by several days and reduces the need for pain medication.

This is what led to the genesis of Crushed Tonic— and why we prefer to use fish over bovine collagen. Despite bovine collagen being cheaper, all of our products are made with fish collagen— because we would never want to cut corners, especially when it comes to quality of our health, and neither should you.

Not only is fish collagen free of slaughter-house diseases, more sustainably sourced, and frankly better tasting, it is also more effective. Plus, between fish skin and cowhides, it's really a no-brainer...



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