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"KITH Women has revealed its new Beauty Quickstrikes program inspired by limited sneaker drops. The monthly program is a curated collection of beauty items that KITH Women assembles based on a theme or the hottest trends in the market. Beauty Quickstrikes is meant to help women fill in the gaps in their beauty and wellness routines with new brands and products. For March, the theme of the program is ingestibles which supports the idea of beauty from within.

The Ingestibles collection features products from Cap Beauty, Crushed Tonic, The Neu Co, and Moon Juice with prices ranging from $50- $120. Each ingestible product targets different wellness focuses from sleep to skin to immunity. Shoppers can find the KITH Beauty Quickstrikes online and in stores now."


What are the most important things to know about collagen?

America’s caught on to bone broth a bit ago; and while most of us know that drinking bone broth is great for you and is great for keeping us feeling satiated and full— what a lot of us still don't know, that drinking collagen, is essentially the same thing as drinking bone broth (just without all the bad things that come with bone broth)!

Most are not aware that collagen is a natural protein that our body produces.

But not only is it something our body produces, it is integral in the making of our bodies— it is a major structural component that acts as a wall to hold our cells upright and structured (collagen is an important protein that makes up more than 75% of the protein found in our bodies— it is actually the most abundant substance in our bodies after water!)

Unfortunately, sometime after the age of 25, our bodily production of collagen begins to decline (at a rate of 1.5% year). By our mid 40s, our collagen supply is low— and without collagen, our cells lose structure. This leads for our cells to become weaker, stretchier, and thinner— which then leads to things like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dry skin, and cellulite.

What are the main benefits of collagen in general?

Ingesting extra collagen helps us keep our skin supple, elastic and hydrated. 

With more collagen to keep in the moisture within every cell, our skin will stay hydrated and taut.

Still, though the industry emphasizes the benefits of collagen on mostly skin*, collagen is a miraculous superfood that is good for you, head to toe. Because collagen is a complex protein that contains EIGHTEEN out of the twenty existing amino acids found in our bodies, these eighteen amino acids, when ingested, support all of the different various functions of our body in different ways: our skin, hair, brain, bones, teeth, nails, heart, digestion, muscles, weight, mood, virility and even sleep.

*After just 12 weeks of daily consumption (10g/day), surveyed respondents in our focus group noticed a decrease in wrinkles, increased skin hydration, increased skin firmness and decrease in joint pain

What are the benefits of consuming collagen orally vs. topically?

Oral consumption is much, much more effective. There’s only so much of the collagen our skin can absorb through topical application.

Even when it comes to ingesting, our body cannot even utilize collagen in most food form (skin, bones or connective tissue of animals), which is why we have to turn to collagen-rich bone broth or hydrolyzed collagen (aka collagen powder), where these collagen-rich animal parts must go through an intense process called hydrolysis, in which large food forms of collagen are cooked, boiled and then hydrolyzed. Hydrolyzed collagen boasts of more than a 90% absorption rate, 3 times higher than when sourced from food.

- Can collagen affect your hair growth and elasticity, as well as your hair?

Yes! Collagen is made up of amino acids arginine, glutamine and methionine— amino acids that are clinically proven to thicken hair and stimulate hair growth when ingested. Participants in our clinical studies also have reported thicker hair, eyelashes, brows and beards after three to six months of daily use.

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