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Crushed Tonic’s slogan is “I don’t want to grow up” clearly a sentiment that many of us share.

When we think of anti-aging, creamy potions and glimmering serums come to mind…We hardly ever think of a health drink or tonic, although what you ingest is obviously more effective. Perhaps it’s because bottom line you don’t really know what’s in it. So erring on the side of caution, slathering something on your skin is less evasive, thus safer.

Times are quickly changing, with the wellness market gaining ground in the beauty market, it was inevitable that companies would bring not just product but also clarity.

Crushed Tonic is a wellness brand that offers anti-aging drinks that are backed by scientific research and results. A far cry from the vague benefits and the many ‘may’ and ‘has been seen to’ terms used in the ingestibles of the past. Crushed Tonic’s website reads like a doctor’s pamphlet, with evidence, details and dosage. Add to that the branding and imagery of a luxury company and you can imagine the pull. It works, and the proof is in the pudding. Sephora is jumping on the wellness bandwagon with a dedicated segment at select stores starting June 28th. They have signed on Crushed Tonics elixirs, which means that what was once niche will soon become mainstream. It’s the magic of Sephora…

Self-described as ‘all natural, science-backed fountain of youth’, every tonic is formulates with a wellness-packed cocktail of anti-aging superfoods and antioxidants clinically proven to rejuvenate us at the cellular level.

Three tonics are on offer, the Original Crush is an energy booster to add to coffee, teas and smoothies. The turmeric crush is an immunity booster to add to water and fruit juices. Finally there is the matcha crush, a focus booster to add to wear and green juices.

Each tonic includes 10 grams of fish collagen, 1000 mcg of biotin, 1 billion cultures of probiotics and 2 grams of antioxidants.

The collagen is clinically proven to make skin plumper and more hydrated in just 2-4 weeks. An added bonus, it promises to diminish the ‘look’ of wrinkles and dark circles.

The biotin is clinically proven to thicken hair and prevent hair loss. The probiotics are clinically proven to strengthen the digestive and immune health, in addition to improving the detoxification processes.

The antioxidants, probably newer to the table than the others is clinically proven to enhance energy, mood and brain power.

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