Tune in to We Met At Acme's Episode with our founder, where they discuss the genesis of Crushed Tonic, why collagen is so good for you, and other fun topics, like millennial dating!


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Lindsey: Hey guys. Welcome back to We met at Acme. I am so excited to be here with Sally Kim, the founder of Crushed Tonic and the author of The Collagen Glow, which you can get on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble!

Hey Sally how's it going!

Sally: It’s going well! How are you?

Lindsey: I'm good! So! Where are you from?

Sally: I’m originally from Korea. Seoul. I then moved to Orange County, then lived in New York for a little bit, and now living in L.A. I’m 25!

Lindsey: Awesome! And when is your birthday?

Sally: August 17th! I’m actually a triple Leo!

Lindsey: Oh My God you were giving me such Leo vibes. I actually love Leos. Leo's are probably one of my favorite if not my favorite sign. I'm a Libra.

Sally: Okay so we get along.

Lindsey: Exactly. So what is your current relationship status?

Sally: Single as a Pringle!

Lindsey: No!

Sally: Yeah.

Lindsey: By choice, obviously?

Sally: Yes!

Lindsey: And when was your last serious relationship?

Sally: It ended about a year ago.

Lindsey: Okay. And, how did you decide to found Crushed Tonic. What was the process for you and what were you doing before that?

Sally: So I did finance all my life— actually, I take that back. I'm a writer by trade. Majored in English. I wanted to be a screenwriter. I modeled a little bit and

Lindsey: No surprise there.

Sally: Oh, stop it.

Sally: Anyways, I wanted to do something more substantial. So I got into coding and then I did like data engineering and then I did finance and I was doing strategy and M&A for Condé Nast. And then I got burned, a couple years ago.

I was cooking and the oil just like went all over me— you can still kind of see it. I had burn blisters up and down both of my arms and I was like okay, how can I get my skin to heal and regenerate, back to normal.

And I found collagen and I found that drinking it could make your skin look better. And two months into it everybody around me was like, freaking out, like how long my hair was getting, how my skin was glowing— and I realized that there was something in collagen— and long story short I was obsessed with it, and I just wanted everyone around me to drink it but it didn't taste so good without any of the like super food flavors that Crushed Tonic comes in now.

So I went to the kitchen and I experimented, and formulated and then gave it away to all of my different friends and family. Then a month later they all called me and all wanted more. [shortened]

Lindsey: Wait, so all your hair is real.

Sally: Yeah.

Lindsey: Can I touch it?!

Sally: Hahaha. Yes.

Lindsey: Wow. This is the mark of a leo. This hair. So if I started ingesting collagen, my hair would be thicker?

Sally: Yeah. So it's clinically proven— after three to six months you're going to start seeing all the results. Your hair is going to be stronger and it’s going to glisten. But will you see benefits not only in your hair and your skin but your overall health. Your joints are going to be more lubricated. You're going to feel stronger.

Have you heard the spiel on collagen? Like [did you know that] collagen is something that our body produces.

Lindsey: No I actually haven’t. Like, I think of collagen as something that you put in fake boobs. I don't know anything else about it. Like nothing.

Sally, pointing to Crushed Tonic: Okay, so we call this a crush. In every crush, there's 10 grams of college and some fish skin. A billion probiotics and a thousand micrograms of biotin, and superfood flavors.

Lindsey: Oh I've heard of biotin. So we're getting closer. So you open this and you put it in a water bottle.

Sally: Yep. You mix it up!

Lindsey: It doesn't taste like shit?

Sally: No. Hahaha. Yeah I just did a little demo at Yahoo. And everyone there was so scared at first. Right. I'm drinking fish skin like I don't want that in my drink. Yeah. Then they drank it and none of them none of them even could taste it.

Lindsey: Wow. I wish I had brought a water bottle from upstairs but you know what I'm going to bring one to my work out after this.

Sally: I'll help you make it.

Lindsey: Yeah. Yeah. Come with me.

Sally: So yeah. But to give you a little science behind collagen— it's something that your body produces at around age 25. We stop producing it as much after a certain time (but fun fact, it's actually the most abundant substance in our body after water!)

Lindsey: So is that why sometimes like hair changes after we turn like 25?

Sally: Yeah. Like how it gets thinner or your skin starts getting wrinkles and becomes more elastic.

That's actually because collagen supports like your cell structure yet when it starts to erode your cell starts kind of shrinking and they become like saggy. You know just imagine like little bean bags and then all of that like suppleness like going away. But when you start drinking college in it most tricks your body into thinking that the amino acids that your body's ingesting are produced by your own body and that goes straight to your skin your hair everything. Incredible. [00:05:47][31.6]

Lindsey: Yeah I'm shocked that more people don't talk about college and like health influencers. My sister is actually a health coach and I don't even think she knows about how right how great college is. I definitely will tell you. [00:06:04][15.6]

Sally: Yeah. So I think the problem with college in like traditionally is that it tastes like shit like most collagen, if it's not super high quality, like 40 dollars a month kind of a thing, it won't taste good and no one wants to drink something that doesn't taste good.

No matter how good it is for you or alternatively there's collagen pills and you have to take 10 pills a day and that's also a lot.

So with Crushed Tonic, what I waned to do is I want to reverse engineer the experience. If you drink coffee everyday and there's nothing that's good for you in there besides waking you up a little, then why not drink something that can do all of the above?

Lindsey: I'm not a coffee drinker.

Sally: Really? Matcha?

Lindsey: No I don't even really drink matcha.

Sally: Wow.

Lindsey: Yeah. I'm a strictly diet coke girl. 

Sally: OK. But even diet coke. Because it tastes good, right. So like if diet coke actually was amazing for you. It'd be great. Yeah. So that's kind of why I wanted to flip the tables. Instead of looking at collagen as a supplement that people had to wince at, I wanted to be like a palpable.

Lindsey: That's great. Have you heard of people eating their placenta?

Sally: Yeah absolutely yeah.

Lindsey: Do you think there's something like collagen in there?

Sally: A thousand percent. I mean, if you break down the science behind all of these things. It's like you're feeding your skin at the cellular level and the amino acids that you're ingesting, whether it's collagen, or placenta, or even just fish skin and it's like actual form, the amino acids from that is what gets absorbed by the different parts of your body.

Lindsey: So let's talk more about you. Are you 100 percent Korean?

Sally: I'm also little bit Russian!

Lindsey: And have you dated a fellow Korean person or is that not your type?

Sally: I actually don't really have types but I haven't dated a Korean guy seriously. I have like casually seen a couple in Korea but not while I'm here.

Lindsey: And you said you're single like a pringle. Are you dating at all? Like are there any dating apps that someone can find you on. [00:09:27][8.1]

Sally: Yeah, on Raya. I like to dabble on Hinge but to be honest like I'm so shy, I'm such an introvert. I can't open up like that.

Lindsey: Like how can you be an introvert. You're a Leo Leo Leo.

Sally: So when I'm like networking and when I'm talking about Crushed Tonic or my book, I'm so passionate that it just comes out naturally. But then when I'm at a bar and like a guy like talks me I'll just freeze up. Especially if I actually think he's cute. Like I'll probably talk to someone who I'm not attracted to more.

Lindsey: Do you have co-star app?

Sally: Yeah.

Lindsey: Can I see your co-star?

Sally: Yeah.

Lindsey: I have to see the rest of your chart. I'm so fascinated. And what was your longest relationships sign? 

Sally: He was March 14th.

Lindsey: Yeah yeah. Leo and Pisces are not a bad match. Wow. This is the first time I've ever seen Leo Leo. Leo. So if anyone's curious that's why I'm fascinated. [00:10:28][4.5]

Oh my God Leo. Leo. Leo. Leo. Your Mercury is also in Leo.

Sally: What does that mean? [00:10:34][5.1]

Lindsey: Our mercury is how we communicate. Yeah. So right now Mercury is in retrograde right. So we're all communicating in a fucked up way.

So funny it says you may come off as conceited but like not at all.

Your Venus is in cancer. So that makes sense why sometimes you might be nervous or freeze up because it's like that shell around you.

You’ve also got, Libra which means you're very charming. So I think it's just a matter of whether if you want to give in to that charm and like let yourself be the center of attention which probably is overwhelming.

Sally: Yeah I kind hate attention.

I think like when it comes to dating you have to be so vulnerable, right? Like you have to put yourself out there. And I just can't do that. So even like thinking about it gives me anxiety.

But I think once my priorities are more in line with dating right now it could be fine. I just have so much going on.

Lindsey: Yeah and you're still so young. [00:11:55][24.4]

Sally: Yeah I hope so. Even though my mom likes to remind me that I’m running out of time.

Lindsey: That’s such a mom thing. Like I'm 28 and my mom kind of stopped because right now I have a boyfriend. But I'm sure that she will remind me over Thanksgiving.

Sally: He's the one you met on Hinge?

Lindsey: Yes exactly. Actually I was just trying to convince a friend of mine I just had coffee with and he is 36 and he's single and he's very successful but he had not been on the dating apps because he was kind of scared that people would see his profile and judge him. And it's so funny because like I don't know I'm like Did I ever see a friend's profile and judge them. I don't think so.

Sally: I feel like now like apps are so prolific. Everybody is on there. As long as you're not screaming like I'm only here for one thing. DTF. You're not going to be judged.

Lindsey: Agreed. Agreed for sure. So what are some things that you're doing right now on the weekends. You're in California.

Sally: Yeah. I'm in Orange County. I'm mostly in West Hollywood. I live out of Soho house there.

Lindsey: Oh yeah I'm sure I feel like that's kind of a dating app in itself.

Sally: Yeah. I've met a lot of really cool people there. I think that's really amazing about L.A.. That everyone's a hustler and like everyone's working on their dream, whether it's like their label or their own company.

They have so many cool things that are working on, very unorthodox. Most people that I hang out with in LA don't have a 9 to 5 job. They are always just doing something really different, and that's energizing and inspiring so I love socializing in L.A.

Lindsey: So what other things do you like other than going to Soho house? Are you more of like the Venice bars? Santa Monica scene? Or like Los Feliz which is kind of like in my opinion the Brooklyn. Or more like you know. What's that place. Delilah? And like you know that kind of scene?

Sally: I feel like you'll probably find me at Delilah’s the most. Soho House then Delilah’s. It’s like a routine.

Lindsey: I have to say though someone was like do you want to live in New York or L.A. and why. And I explained New York is where I want to live and I explained why and a lot of L.A. people were offended. When I was just saying these are the reasons I like New York.

Like traffic. You can't really do much about it in L.A. but in New York you can get out of the car and get on the subway. I like little things like that.

But I felt as if it was more of us like See and Be Seen Scene and like no one was actually getting down and dancing and like having fun and being silly and weird. It was more like a meet and greet like you talk to different people which isn't horrible but isn’t it true there’s not a place to dance and be silly in LA.

Sally: Well I feel like in L.A. like whenever you go out, you make a lot of friends. It’s because it's that meet and greet scene. Cause alternatively I agree with you, 1000 percent. But I actually think that scene is better for making friends than just dancing and you know because like in New York I'll go to like freehold you're always dancing with your friends. Sometimes you ended off at that right or like a guy approach you and you're just like No I'm having fun with my friend right. Whereas true. Right. But like in New York you also kind of like if you talk to a random person I feel people kind of think you're weird. [00:16:18][33.2]

Lindsey: I know what you mean. I know definitely I've seen that more and like London like no one is allowed to talk to anyone they don't know in London which I didn't even know was a thing.

Sally: And like sometimes you just feel like you want to talk to them. But there's nothing to really bond over so you're like hi nice to meet you. All right. Like here's my number bye but you never really talk to the them because you don't like have that connection really. Whereas in L.A. like my girlfriends I go out and we usually probably go to like more house parties and everything but we'll come back like six new friends and the next day and we're like talking about all the different friends we made.

Lindsey: Yeah. I have noticed that about all my friends who moved there. Like you start collecting them. 

Sally: Yes. I mean, sometimes I miss New York so fucking much.

Because in L.A. like again everyone's working on their own hustle and your times don't ever really match up with anyone else. So it's like oh like do you want to come to this event that I'm throwing like I'll be there and I'll come say hi like it's not like you know let's meet at Union Square at 8:00 for drinks.

So like yes you're super happy, everyone's super friendly but I feel like it's almost more lonely than New York sometimes. [00:18:38][43.4]

Lindsey: Hey guys sorry to interrupt. I know you're enjoying Sally as I did. She is my girl crush beyond. She is gorgeous and so sweet and incredible.

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Lindsey: What are some deal breakers for you? Especially as like you know a female entrepreneur, would you date someone who is like less motivated and less ambitious. 

Sally: Probably not. I mean this is something that I think about a lot. Like I don't think that everyone in the world is going to be as you know, “ambitious” as I try to be.

But I think the most important thing is that I'd date somebody who is just happy working on his own thing— whatever it is. Whether it's music or art or his own company.

If someone's not super happy like with what he does he's not going to be the best person for me the best boyfriend to me. I don't think I would be the best girlfriend to anyone if like I hated my job and I hated my life.

Lindsey: But I kind of feel like everyone who is not off on their own doing their own thing like you and I, they kind of hate their job. You know like I swear to you I don't remember the last time I dated someone who was like my job is my passion and I love it you know. [00:22:39][20.0]

Sally: But do you hate it so much so that like it's draining and like it sucks every part of you like no. [00:22:45][5.6]

Lindsey: No. Like that would be a red flag. I dated someone once who was a lawyer and they hated their job. And worse, they were doing it because they're working for their family. Which is honestly even more of a turnoff. Yeah. But it's it's not serving anyone for you to be somewhere you hate and complaining about every day. 

Sally: Yeah. I feel like guys have much more pressure than girls do, to provide. You know, I was talking to my brother the other day, and like this will never leave me but he's like I'm so stressed about my job. And this was on his twenty third birthday and he's like "I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. How am I going to take care of my wife, how am I going to take care of my kids?!"

Sally: And I was like Oh my God. Billy, do you have a family I don't know about? You have a wife?! And he was like "What are you talking about." I'm talking about my future wife and children. And I'm like dude what are you talking about, your future wife. You're twenty three. You have like, five years ahead of you. 

Lindsey: Totally. But you're absolutely right. It's that like the pressure of just being a man in society still to this day that men feel like they have to make choices for their future. 

Sally: And sacrifice [for his family]. But like I don't want the person I date, to feel like he sacrificed so much to be with me. I want the person that I'm with, to be like THIS [job] is what makes me happy. It may not make like the most amount of money but it makes me the happiest. I come home like being happy with the impact I'm making on the world. And I'd be fine with that because I'm also like sustainable on my own in my own way. I don't have to rely on him. [00:24:27][27.5]

Lindsey: Yeah I know I feel the same way. 

Sally: But actually have a question for you. Recently I was given this advice from my guy friend and he was like you know like I think this, your company, is why you're single. As if that was a problem.

Lindsey: So he was like you probably shouldn't tell people about Crushed Tonic, or like what you do until like your third date in? Because he thinks it's intimidating?

Sally: Yeah.

Lindsey: And he was like that would throw like a lot of guys off because they feel like they can't measure up to that. 

It's like so frustrating that he said that but at the same time there are a lot of guys none of who would admit, but there are guys who feel the need to be the breadwinner type in their relationship.

Sally: Do you think that [it's intimidating?]

Lindsey: I don't think that it's intimidating and I would argue that you should tell them sooner on because you don't want to fall into a trap of being with someone who tries to dim your life you know and like take you lower just because they want you on their level.

My uncle once told me the interesting guy with the boring job is totally fine.

And I think honestly the right guy for you is someone who thinks that it is such a turn on that you've broken the mold and gone out and done your own thing and wrote a book and found success at an early age like you will find that guy and hopefully that guy isn't thinking that because they're so lame right. They also are follow their passion. Maybe they just like respect women and women succeeding. Yeah and those guys do exist. Like when you put yourself out there whether it's creating your own company or starting a podcast or anything like that you can weed out the weaklings, you know, all the guys who like aren't going to be able to handle that. 

So I would argue with your friend that that's something that you should say the first time, as soon as you can.

Sally: Yeah I agree. And I think it does take a certain person to be OK. Even for me. I think it takes a certain characteristic like of mine to be with someone who's more successful.

Lindsey: Would you be with someone who started a let's say more successful company than you and was you know even busier than you were and traveling even more than you were and worked even harder than you were?

Sally: Yeah that would turn me on so much. Yeah totally. And it would motivate me. Inspire me. 

Lindsey: And that's the difference between real men and real women. Yeah like real women look at it like someone more successful is like. That's amazing. And I feel like sometimes men look at it as that's gonna make me feel bad about myself or she's going to leave me for someone else. [00:28:24][17.6]

Sally: I think that happens. Yeah. My prior relationship, he was with me even before I started. So like from day zero.

Lindsey: How long were you together?

Sally: About a year.

Lindsey. You [launched and did all of this] in 1 year?!

Sally: Yeah. I launched Crushed Tonic last year.

Lindsey: That's amazing.

Sally: Thank you. That means a lot. So we were like know together before I started it. And in the beginning he didn't think it was serious, my company. He just thought it was going to a side passion like a blog or some I don't know. He just didn't think it was going to be something I pursue full time.

And when it started gaining momentum, he actually admitted to me. He was like This is kind of hard for me.

Because when you meet with like investors or when you meet with male partners. and they always tend to be male, he would he would get really upset and he would be mad if the meeting went over an hour.

Lindsey: Oh boy.

Sally: Yeah. That was that was hard. [00:29:22][57.7]

Lindsey: Yeah well that I mean it's clear to me that that was his insecurity. And that's just like a company where you're you know every now and then meeting people. I mean can you imagine if you had a podcast. [00:29:37][14.5]

Imagine sitting intimately on a couch with a guy staring into his eyes. And he was in your apartment.

Sally: Yeah. I can't imagine. Do guys like hit on you after? [00:29:55][4.9]

Lindsey: So I'm so open about like my situation that I have a boyfriend. So my guests have actually been pretty respectful about. Like I can truly say that I don't think one of my male guests has hit on me as much as I've just started some friendships with them.

Yeah but every guy that I dated like after I started the podcast it was an issue until my current boyfriend now. And yeah it was always like you know even if I was texting someone to arrange them to come over to my apartment and just as simple as that. It's like why are you texting your guests.

You know like why is he dm'ing you.

Yeah. And I'm like a million random guys are dm'ing me asking for advice like it's not more than that.

You know what I mean?

But I think it takes a certain kind of man for me and for you to be with that you know has confidence in themselves and in your relationship and I can tell you are someone who is clearly loyal.

Sally: Yeah. I am.

Lindsey: And I'm sure that made you really pissed, and that kind of behavior leads you to WANT to stray. So I mean it's just an oxymoron to act like that. Yeah, it makes zero sense. 

Sally: Yeah it's true. And I think when people start getting insecure like they just get paranoid about everything everything. And like the first step into the paranoia is kind of a downfall. It's all downhill after you indulge. [00:31:30][13.3]


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Lindsey: What do you think about guys liking instagram bloggers' pictures? There's just something confusing about when a guy likes a model or like Victoria's Secret models Instagram because I'm like What is your end goal here. [00:35:00][9.7]

Sally: Well, everyone is now kind of in your mutual circle like everyone knows somebody who knows that person. So now it's awkward because you are now mutual friends with that instagram blogger, and now your boyfriend is liking her stuff. It's just crazy, cause Instagram has made like everyone's so accessible.

Honestly think though like men and women are wired so differently. I'm the type of person it's like I don't care how someone looks if like they can't talk to me and I can't connect with them. I'm not attracted to them. Guys are completely different. I overheard my two guy friends talking about these girls that they were like dating off apps or whatever. And the entire time all they talked about was what these girls looked like. Like, "She's so hot. But she kind of like a weird gap tooth". And like after 30 minutes of me listening in, I called him out.

I was like Bro, I have listened to you talk about this girl for 30 minutes, and I have no idea what she does. I have no idea like how she behaved on that date with you. But if you brought someone who, you know look those little caricature artists, I could tell them how to draw her in a heartbeat.

Lindsey: Yeah exactly. It's such a like instinct for them to just be like OK I'm going to like this picture cause my brain has a reaction to it.You're absolutely right.

I actually think that that's like such a good call. As a woman it's like you have to be hot first and then they care about your personality you know whereas when we go out with guys like they could be unattractive and we could get more into that through the day because of their personality. And it's actually so hard. Like someone asked me the other day as a as a poll question or something they're like. Do you think that attractiveness helps you like helps get ahead in your career more. 

And I was like probably, which is so sad you know. Like so sad. And I'm sure that there are guys out there that are like do I want to do this podcast. Probably not but like whatever she's cute you know and it's like you. 

Like not to give your ex-boyfriend any credit by any means but do you think that like some investors or some people might take meetings with you after seeing like how you look. [00:37:17][24.3]

Sally: Yeah actually like to give him more credit. It has happened.

Like I'm not even looking for investors. I'm completely bootstrapped. I never asked for capital but I get hit up all the time on instagram with guys who are trying to "invest."

Lindsey: Haha and I even tried setting up a meeting with my boyfriend's firm. Oops.

Sally: But my favorite is when they go where can I buy.

And it's like are you trying to bait me by trying to be my customer? That's weird. And it's not going to lead to anything. I've also had a lot of people who like have bought Crushed Tonic and was like, can I get it in in-person delivery.

Lindsey: Oh God yeah. That's terrible. But at the same time as a smart business woman there are ways to use that to your advantage. You know you could be like you know I unfortunately I'm not like single right now. But if you buy 60 cartons. I'd be thrilled. 

You know not promising them anything by any means but you know like why not.

Sally: Hahaha yes.

I think like it's kind of a hard balance though and I'm sure you feel that but like I work with couple publicists who are you know managing my aesthetic and now they want my Instagram to like make money. And like they want it be like a business and before it used to be me just like taking a selfie and posting it and doing random stuff but now I have to think about what my profile has to be like and it stresses me out so much.

Like you you know you have to put yourself out there right and like show up and be the face of your head.

And then you know you're a good looking so it's obviously something that you need to put out there.

But then you kind of think about in you're like, "wait, that's not why I'm here."

Lindsey: So what is a way that would work for you other than you know someone pretending to be a customer. If someone listening is interested in getting to know you better have you ever responded to someone sliding into your DMs and if so what would they kind of have to say.

Sally: I actually try to respond to a lot of DMs because I think that if someone is putting out the energy like that, I want to reciprocate. I want to show appreciation. I think sometimes it's like, like you said, the lines get blurred because they take that as mutual interest and will ask me out and I'd have to take a step back. I don't really need any internet friends offline. I think if it's a mutual friend and someone says "I think you and blank would get along really well" I would probably consider it. I probably wouldn't meet anybody off of online. Yeah yeah totally. [00:41:04][29.2]

Lindsey: So we usually end our episodes with a piece of advice or like a poem or a phrase or anything that has helped you whether in business or with dating throughout your years. What is something that you can share with us? And you can take as long as you need. [00:41:24][18.7]

Sally: I actually have one right on top of my head.

So my grandma is like my role model and she's been my inspiration all my life. She raised me when my parents went off to focus on their business.

She escaped from North Korea and had nothing, so she had to make ends meet, but she was always the most giving, loving person. 

But her advice to me since day one was: don't ever judge a person based off of their past or their future. Judge them based off of how they are to you in your presence. 

This has gone a long way for me in both business and dating. [00:41:57][27.9]

Dating specifically because like I feel like girls and maybe guys too, they get lost in like what is this guy going to do. Like what's he gonna be. Is he going to be able to support me or is she going to be like this, or they focus too much on what has happened in the past, like did she or he get around.

There's so many things that don't matter at the end of the day.

Like what really matters is like how they're showing up for you and like how they're building like their present environment around you. Like if they shower you with time and affection. That's what you should judge them off. Not based on how many followers he has or whatever.

But you know I think even me sometimes ,  get lost in that. "Wow he's like so _____." And usually that blank is superficial. [00:42:43][44.2]

Lindsey: I completely agree. And to add to that. [00:42:46][2.2]

Someone said to me once don't fall in love with someone's potential. Fall in love with like who they are. However you can fall in love with who they are and their potential. [00:42:59][12.9]

Sally: Yeah.

And his potential doesn't always mean like successful.

Someone can have an amazing amount of potential passion but they haven't even acted on it yet. Even having that dream will probably be like really exciting.

Lindsey: Also, their potential could even be for them to be a good dad.

Sally: Yes! One more piece of advice from the founder of well and good Alexia Brue.

She's like one of the most inspirational women in my life. And sometimes I turn to her for unprofessional advice and I tell her these anecdotes and what she told me recently that really helped me or like that made me think about things differently. Was just like stop chasing guys who are chasing things bigger than you. There are going to be men who will want to become the next like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But maybe you should think about the guy who's chasing the dream to make a happy home with someone like you. He wants to have an amazing family and your goals align and his dream is is you. And not in a narcissitic way. But pretty much her saying you know I used to only like the actor, the screenwriter, the musician but now I'm super happy with a guy who's like I don't have any other passion but being like an amazing husband an amazing dad. And they're super happy together. And that's not to say he doesn't have passion of course but that one comes first. [00:44:32][92.4]

Lindsey: Yeah that's really cool. And Sally where can everyone follow you on Instagram and get Crushed Tonic and your book?

Sally: My book is available at Barnes and Nobles local stores. Crushed Tonic is on www.crushedtonic.com, and my Instagram is @sallsters and yeah!

Lindsey: Oh awesome. Well thank you so much. Have a good one everyone!

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