Collagen 101 Livestream for Newness

In this video, I talk about starting my collagen brand, Crushed Tonic— which all started when I got burned. I also talk about my experience writing / publishing my cookbook, The Collagen Glow!


How long did it take to write your book?


How did you do all the research while writing your book?


Do you drink Crushed Tonic everyday?


What is your favorite Crushed Tonic flavor?


How long does it for effects to show?


Do you add it to just water?


You really never get sick? When was the last time you got sick?


Does Crushed Tonic come with other supplements?


What’s the difference between topical and ingestible collagen?


Which one’s better — collagen or hyaluronic acid?


Bovine (cow) collagen vs marine (fish) collagen?


What’s your skincare routine?


Is collagen good for sensitive skin?


Do you think it helps with hair, nails, or skin the most?


Hydrolyzed collagen vs unhydrolyzed collagen?


Do you take other types of protein as well?


How did you test and R&D?

Why did you add probiotics and biotin?


Are there any inhibitors that get in the way of digesting collagen?


Is it better to digest on an empty stomach?


What’s the calorie / macro split?


What’s lucuma in the original crush?


Best review story?


How supportive was your family in starting your company?


What are some foods that are high in collagen


Can we inject collagen into our bloodstream?





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