c'TEA SERIES #4: Leah Kate

Leah Kate a singer songwriter based in NYC. Her pop tunes comes with a dark dance twist, and her latest song, “Do What I Wanna Do,” just dropped today! Spotify has already included her as top dance mix. Leah is one of Sally's best friends!

Where do you live?

I’m based in NYC but am moving back to LA soon! 

What are some things everybody should know when it comes to wellness?

You have one body and one life so I always believe you should treat it with that in mind. What you put in your body typically shows on the outside. I feel best when I treat my body well, eat the right things, and be good to myself. 

What is your skincare routine?

Obsessed with the Peter Thomas Roth orange enzyme face wash and the Charlotte Tilbury magic face cream. It keeps me glowing always. And of course my CT every day. 

What role do you think collagen plays in skin and hair?

It makes such a difference. Ever since I started drinking it I’ve thick hair and my skin glows. I never believed in it until I saw first hand. My dad who even knows nothing about skin or hair was like why do you look better and have a glow to you recently have you stopped drinking Leah? 

What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic? How long did it take for your results to take place? I’m thrilled about my results. It took a few weeks I would say. I feel my best self. My hair is so long and thick it’s insane. And my skin is flawless. It’s actual magic.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about wellness?

How incredible homeopathic remedies are. I was suffering from major brain fog and exhaustion and thought something was wrong with me. I started feeling so dizzy every day. This fixed everything. 

What is your wellness mantra?

Treat your body well because you only get one of them! 

Who are you inspired by?

Literally, Sally. She’s such a hustler legend boss lady and I look up to her. 

What are 3 other foods or supplements you try to incorporate to your diet daily routinely? Crushed Tonic (collagen, probiotics and biotin) and adaptogens.

Any wellness or skincare/ hair tips?  

Drink tons of water and less alcohol!!! 

Any morning / evening rituals?

I work out every day. That’s how I always feel my best self. 

Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor?


Favorite Crushed Tonic recipe?

Matcha latte with coconut milk :)

The turmeric crush in coffee with oatmilk is also amazing-- it tastes like a pumpkin spice latte almost! :)

Favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?

Four Charles !!!! 

Favorite magazine?

Paper ! 

Favorite place in the world?

Mykonos :)

Favorite dessert?

Dark chocolate

To listen to Leah, click here! To follow her journey, click here.

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