c'TEA SERIES #3: Lexi Atkins

Lexi Atkins (@lex_stagram) is one of Sally's best friends! 

Lexi has been titled Miss Illinois and was first runner up for Miss Teen USA), acted in big screen movies like Ted 2, as well as smaller screen features like Zombeavers; appeared in tv shows like Altered Carbon; launched a music career; and works in both health coaching (www.laapproved.com /@laapproved) and real estate.

Not only is she beautiful, she's hilarious as well, having done stand-up comedy and improv (studying at Second City in Chicago)!

Fun fact about Lexi-- she sometimes eats the powder straight, just by itself! 


Who are you / what do you do?




Hi – I’m Lexi and I do lots of things lol! I started out in the entertainment industry and have been working as an actress and model for the past almost 8 years, and in the music industry for the past few. I have also fallen in love with the health and wellness industry which has led me down a holistic healing journey as well. I have certified myself as a raw vegan chef, herbalist, and health coach to name a few! Besides the arts, the health industry is also where my passion resides!

Fun news – I am actually opening a conscious café in Illinois begging of the year so I can spread more healthy products, potions, and goodies with the world! TELYorganics 2020!




Describe yourself in 3 words

Eccentric, Loving, Determined




What was the highlight of 2019 for you?

Starting my company TELY LLC (TELY is an acronym for The Earth Loves You) btw!




Do you believe you’ve found your calling?

If I had to choose just one thing in my life – I don’t think I would be able to ever say that – because I truly have so many passions. Though, the way I have been able to shape / life my life I truly believe that I have, yes! I love being able to express myself, help others, all while making people smile! Whether that acting in movies / tv shoes, to immersing myself in health/wellness, I truly get to express all sides of myself! J




What motivates you?

Wow I have so many different tools for motivation. I truly think that it depends what I’m trying to get “motivated” to do.

  • If it’s going to the gym – listening to my favorite music! 
  • If it’s getting tasks done – having a priority TO DO LIST sheet beside me does the trick! 
  • Or sometimes just little apps that send me daily “motivational quotes” &  motivational podcasts / YouTube videos – there’s a time a place for each! 

Who was integral in helping you get to where you are today?

Wow there are so many people in my life that have helped me, inspired me, or discouraged me…. All though people/scenarios though played an INTEGRAL part in my success / where I am today!




I really believe that these are keys to success: 

  1. Have a mentor (whether it is a family member or even someone that you listen to on the web) having that mentor is key! 
  2. Having close friends and or family that encourage you and support you no matter what! (This loving energy is like vital chi to my life/goals!) 
  3. Lastly POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE! Having thick skin is one thing, especially when you get negativity from people in life – though, I think what is even more important is the right perspective to change each and every encounter as something that can benefit you! PERSPECTIVE is key! It can totally change any situation (our mind is so powerful – we need to use it to our advantage)! 




What is your mantra?

Everything happens for a reason!




Who are you inspired by?

WOW I am inspired by so many people, places, and things! This may sound cliché, but I truly find inspiration in everything every day. The world is our oyster hehe!




Your favorite: 

  • Athleisure Brand: 

    P.E. Nation, Stella McCarthy / Adidas, & GOLDSHEEP leggings (my favorite leggings in the world literally)
  • Trainer: 

    I’m obsessed with OrangeTheory Fitness (I love all trainers there as long as they play good music (that can really make or break any class)) 

    Also, Sweatheory in LA has the most epic far-infrared yoga studio…. The classes there are the best ever ever ever! Two birds 1 stone (perfect detox, infrared therapy, and hot yoga… can’t beat it)
  • Make up artist: 

    I have so many that I’ve loved working with!! (@patrickta & @makeupbymario) have always made me look flawless & whenever I get the change to sit in their chair I get beyond excited!

    Though, I think one of my forever go to in LA is @megumi_asai_ she is the most underrated I’ve ever worked with!!! She’s my best kept secret J whoops secrets out!
  • Healthy Restaurant: 

    Café Gratitude (the one in Beverly Hills) is more “restaurant vibes” and I LOVE!
  • Un-Healthy Restaurant: 

    I really don’t have one – I am that weird person that would consider certain places what most people eat as “healthy” a cheat…. :/  
  • Podcast:  

    How I Built This w/ Guy!! BEST THERE IS
  • TV show: 

    Ancient Aliens
  • Movie: 

    Zombeavers HAHAHAHAHA thank me later ;)
  • Song: 

    Happy Birthday – it usually ends in presents
  • Way to make coffee:

    I do love my French Press
  • Drink:

    Besides CT – I have been obsessed with the new herbal tonics I’ve been creating for my café “TELYorganics” (launching beginning of the year) 2020!


    What are 3 tips you can give your community when it comes to your hustle?

    DON’T STOP (always remember your why)


    What’s your daily workout routine? How many times do you work out a week?

    It really depends on how tired I am etc. I don’t like to work out when my body is already depleted of sleep. IF that is the case, I always make sure to at least stretch. 


    STRETCHING = a daily basis 

    REBOUNDING= every other day (if you haven’t invested in a rebounder I highly recommend! So good for your lymphatic system – and who don’t love jumping on a mini trampoline? Lol!)

    Intense Workouts = at least 3 times a week!


    What are some things everybody should know when it comes to wellness?


    Also…. Water is your friend


    What is your skincare routine?

    I make 90% of all my own skin products.

    Morning: Just rinsing with cold water and clean towel & spraying face with Hylauranic Acid & or Rose Water. 

    Night: Washing face with my own face mask & the applying CBD oil to moisturize my skin


    WEEKLY: few times a week I do a face scrub 

    MONTLHY: clay, honey, or yogurt masks 


  1. Probiotics (JustThrive Brand “LAapproved” for discount) 
  2. Collagen (Crushed Tonic Elixirs) 
  3. Addictive Wellness Beauty Chocolate
  4. Digestive Enzymes (Digest Gold) 





3 foods or supplements you try to incorporate daily:

Probiotics, some kind of medicinal mushroom or herb/, and COLLAGEN!




What role do you think collagen plays in skin and hair?





What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic?

I really loved how my hair started to grow faster!




Any wellness or skincare/ hair tips? OR Any morning / evening rituals?

I share a lot of my tips on my IG health account @LAapproved!




Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor?





And now, spill the C-Tea ;) 🍵




Celebrity (or non-celebrity) crush

I honestly don’t have any right now – I swear. I guess I’m crushing too hard on CT.




Biggest red flag in a partner:





How to win you over in a DM:

All things Aliens and Erewhon




Something most people don’t know about you

I’m opening an organic Café TELYorganics 2020! This is very new news…. So I’m sure most people do not know this about me yet ;)




Something most people should know about you

^DITTO above




Dream collaboration

LivingLibation x CrushedTonics x TELYorganics x Erewhon x SpaceX




Advice you give but never follow 

Sleep at least 8 hours




What does your dating bio say?

Its blank (SOS)




Describe your type /3 things you look for in your significant other

Healthy, Happy, Single




Favorite date?

Postmates deliveries and youtube w/ extra xo




Your most embarrassing addiction?

Researching “health benefits of” until the sun rises… 

And uhm lately… tiktok (help)

What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

WOW uhm, I could go on forever about this one. The weirdest I actually cannot mention on here…. L BUT one I can would be people putting my feet on wiki feet & rating them a 5STAR. LOL 1.) if you have actually seen me feet, they would not get that rating & 2.) I think it’s odd I have a page dedicated to my feet lololololol!  

Where do you live?

Lately, the answer would have to be out of a suitcase. I have been traveling so much lately that it’s almost impossible to pin down where I’ll be at any given moment. Recently, my addresses have ranged from California to Illinois and Kentucky.  

What are some things everybody should know when it comes to wellness?

Wow, this is an awesome question! I believe the most important thing everyone should know about Wellness is that everybody is so uniquely individual. What works for one person won’t always work for somebody else, and vice versa. We are all unique – we must remember that!

What role do you think collagen plays in skin and hair?

I believe Collagen plays a CRUCIAL role in maintaining skin and hair health!!!! That’s only one of the reasons I love Crushed Tonics so much!!!

What are 3 other foods or supplements you try to incorporate to your diet daily routinely?

Hmm, I honestly love to switch things up so my body doesn’t get too dependent on anything - I think diversity is key! Though, lately the 3 supplements / foods that I incorporate most often would be Probiotics, Vitamin D3/K2, and Greens (any green food honestly from herbs, algaes, to even simply lettuce)

Any wellness or skincare / hair tips?

I feel like I have too many! Literally, I could talk for hours about this!

When it comes down to the basics, I think that drinking plenty of purified water is extremely important. That’s a good baseline to shoot for every day, but there’s a lot more out there! I’ll cover a few of my favorites:

Skin Care: this works in two parts in my opinion – from the inside out.

** Inside:

Diet is everything. In addition to having a healthy diet, I like to incorporate supplements like Tremella Mushroom, Pearl Powder, and Probiotics into my daily routine.

*** Out:

Oil is your friend. Once I started washing my face at least one a day with an oil-based cleanser (Living Libations has some amazing ones) it totally turned my skin around! I wish I could go back to my high school self and stop wasting money on products that would strip all my natural oils away!

Hair Care: this also works in two parts in my opinion – from inside out.

*** Inside:

Diet is everything - try also adding supplements like He Shou Wu, Crushed Tonics, and Nettle Leaf to make your hair healthier than ever!


Oil is still your friend. I love doing oil masks on my hair. I’ll take jojoba oil from tip to root and let that sit for around 15 min minimum to help with dry hair and breakage! I also love adding essential oils to my scalp to help encourage growth (though be careful not to use TOO much, for organic essential oils are very potent). My favorites to add are Organic Rosemary Essential Oil and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil!

Any morning / evening routines?

YES, again, I have many.

1.) I always write down what I have to do the next day before I go to bed. Without a list, I feel like I don’t ever get anything accomplished. In the morning, I re-read my lists from the night before to remind myself of everything that needs to be done!

Writing things down / envisioning what needs to be done is KEY to accomplishing goals from small to large!!

2.) Every Morning and Evening I take my daily “supplements”.

The ones I use most often include:


i.) mFocus & Relax capsules by Crucial Four


If you type in “LAapproved” at checkout, you’ll get 5% off!

ii.) Crushed Tonic Elixir

ORIGINAL flavor if I have coffee in the morning!

MATCHA flavor if I don’t have coffee!  

iii.) Addictive Wellness Chocolate

“LAapproved at check-out for 10% off!


I love that I can eat chocolate and consider it a supplement. These chocolates are organic, sugar free, vegan, and full of amazing tonic herbs!!! The herbal array in these helps me consume more of these essential apoptogenic herbs!


i.) Probiotics

My favorite lately are Thrive Probiotics - they can even be baked up to around 400 degrees.


“LAapproved” at check-out to save 10% off!

ii.) Magnesium


Lately this is the one I’m taking!

iii.) Vitamin D3/K2.


My all-time fav!! Remember it’s important to have k2 with your vitamin D for proper assimilation!

3.) If I must be honest… I am a weirdo and do 100 crunches no matter what, literally. Even if I don’t go to the gym that day, even if I’m sick, I do 100 crunches. When I was younger Usher (yes, the singer) did an interview and said that was his daily workout routine. I wanted his abs when I was little and have implemented that ever since, though I’m still waiting for his results, HA!  

Favorite Crushed Tonic Flavor?

This answer is NOT easy. It’s a close call between either the Original or the Matcha. If I had to pick, I believe I would go with the original because I think it is the most versatile. You can literally add it to anything at ANY time of the day, or if you’re like me you can eat it plain. Yes, you read that correctly…. I literally eat the Original plain because I think it taste so good LOL!!!

Favorite Crushed Tonic Recipe?

I use the Matcha packet to make a delicious hot vegan drink almost every morning! The recipe is pretty simple - all I do is heat up some coconut milk, add a packet of CT Matcha, and stir in a few drops of vanilla cream stevia, and I’m out the door!  

Favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?

Like I said, I am traveling so much lately that I couldn’t really tell you where my “neighborhood” is! I will though tell you my favorite places from two of the cities I find myself in most, though:  

1.) Erewhon (Los Angeles,CA) is that considered a restaurant?

If not - Café Gratitude Beverly Hills.

2.) Traders Point Creamery (Indianapolis, IN) I drive 2 hours just to eat here from my place in Illinois lol, its THAT good.

Favorite Magazine?

Wow – nowadays my favorite is called Evie Magazine.

It’s a new next-generation digital publication written by young women for young women, and it covers a wide variety of topics including health, beauty, fashion, relationships, career, and culture. I actually write articles for their health/beauty section from time to time!

Favorite athletic brand?

I’m really obsessed with P.E. Nation! I think they’re so dope!

Favorite Place in the world?

I think I would have to say Los Angeles! I love the versatility you can have there! If you really wanted to, you could hike, head to the beach, and then go downtown all in one day (though I don’t recommend due to traffic lately lol)!

Favorite dessert?

I LOVE TO BAKE! I’ve always been that kid that would rather eat dessert instead of a meal lol! I’m also a chocolate addict, so I think my favorite would be brownies! Though I’m always extra when it comes to recipes, so they’re not just any old brownies - they’re sugar free cacao brownies topped with herbal icing! (I love adding tonic herbs to everything!)

** If I could add one crushed tonic original packet in some coconut milk on the side I may die and go to heaven. 




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