c'TEA SERIES #6: Lauren Steinberg, founder of Queen V

Lauren Steinberg, a Valley Girl at heart, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew she was destined to start her own company, but never imagined it would be Queen V.

After graduating from The University of Southern California, Lauren landed her dream job, at the time, working on amazing brands, such as: Skinnygirl and Fabletics. She was thriving at work, but quickly realized the "boys club" environment that Hollywood had to offer and the traditional 9-to-5 wasn’t for her. Lauren knew she was meant for more and wanted to create a company that would empower her fellow females to find their voices and speak out!

As the daughter of a gynecologist and fertility specialist, you could say that feminine wellness was always a part of Lauren’s life. As she grew up she started to develop infections "down there," aka her Queen V. Lauren had no clue what was causing these problems, and after talking with her gynecologist and friends, she realized she wasn’t alone!

After trying, and failing, to find healthy products to nourish her Queen V, Lauren noticed that nothing on the shelves was affordable, empowering or fun! So she set out to design a line of products that are natural, convenient, easy to understand, and beautifully designed. Lauren is determined to change the conversation around feminine health, because she knows that women shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk about what's going on with their Queen V.

Lauren created the Queen V brand in hopes to empower women to become educated about their health and inspire them to use their voice to pursue something they are passionate about, because let's face it when women feel their best, they can take on the world. 



  • Describe yourself in 3 words:

reality tv obsessed

  • What does it mean to be Queen V? 

Being Queen V means be unapologetically yourself and using your voice for those who may be afraid to use their own voices.

  • Do you believe you’ve found your calling?

Definitely! I would love to continue to use my platform to encourage everyone to be able to speak openly and freely about their bodies without feeling or being ashamed.


  • What motivates you?

I have learned through this entire process that a lot of women who are suffering with vaginal issues feel alone and are so embarrassed.  When women email me thanking me for creating these products, it is the best feeling. It is a pinch me moment! Starting Queen V was not easy. There were a lot of lows and highs as well but hearing that you have changed someone’s life or made an impact on one person is the most rewarding and humbling feeling. It makes me want to get up and keep fighting for these products every single day. 

  • Who was integral in helping you get to where you are today?

My dad! He is a gynecologist so he has really helped me create Queen V. He is also the most hard-working person I know. 

  • What is your mantra?

You don't get what you don't ask for. 

  • Who are you inspired by?

I love listening to other female founders' stories. Everyone is so inspiring in their own ways. 

  • Your favorite:
  • Athleisure Brand: Set Active 
  • Trainer: hahahahaha I wish I worked out more 
  • Make up artist: I love following Mary Phillips 
  • Healthy Restaurant: Health Nut 
  • Un-Healthy Restaurant: Anything italian 
  • Podcast: How I Built This 
  • TV show: Anything on Bravo 
  • Movie: First Wives Club, Overboard and Troop Beverly Hills 
  • Song: Blackbird by The Beatles 

Your wellness/ fitness tips:

  • You’ve been working so hard— and we are all in awe! What are 3 tips you can give your community when it comes to being a female entrepreneur? 

Surround yourself with people who have different strengths than you have, take risks, always have an opinion 

  • What’s your daily workout routine? How many times do you workout a week?

I walk my dog every morning and I love Soul Cycle. 

  • What are some things everybody should know when it comes to wellness?

Work/life balance can be hard but I think everyone has their own definition of balance and you just need to figure out what makes you happy. 

  • What is your skincare routine? OR What are 3 other foods or supplements you try to incorporate to your diet daily routinely? 

My skincare routine is insane. I have like a 10-step process but I never skip washing my face, using under-eye cream and using serums. 

  • What role do you think collagen plays in skin and hair?

Collagen is so important! It holds the body together! 

  • What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic? How long did it take for your results to take place?

I felt so dewy and my skin was glowing after using Crushed Tonic. You can really see and feel a difference after your first time! 

  • Any wellness or skincare/ hair tips? OR Any morning / evening rituals?

I swear by Mario Badescu drying cream. 

  • Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor? OR Favorite Crushed Tonic recipe?


And now, spill the C-Tea ;) 🍵 

(Here I’m going to say something like— I wanted my interviews to be more like “sleep over chats” where our readers can get to know you more)

  • Celebrity (or non-celebrity) crush: Jimmy Kimmel
  • Biggest red flag: Big ego 
  • How to win you over in a DM: Sense of humor 
  • Something most people don’t know about you: I have never broken a bone 
  • Something most people should know about you: I can talk about real housewives for days 
  • Dream collaboration: Sephora 
  • Advice you give but never follow: Don't worry!
  • What does your dating bio say? Oliver Bogner fan-club 
  • Describe your type /3 things you look for in your significant other: motivation, eye color and sense of humor 
  • Favorite date? Anything that involves pasta 
  • What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you? Nothing too weird! I appreciate everyone who reached out to me telling me that they love queen 


To hear our podcast with Lauren and Sally, please see here!

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