c'TEA SERIES #1: Lindsey Metselaar from We Met At Acme

So I realized in answering my own interviews recently that some questions during these were far from personal. Which is totally fine; we're here to talk about our work! Still, sometimes as readers, we are left wanting to get to know that person beyond their career— and I think it's a shame that some of these super impressive personalities around us are often seen as rigid when they're really super spunky. Which is why I wanted to add extra spice to the questions that I ask— and to show that they are 1000% human, even if these superwomen seem beyond it sometimes!

meet Lindsey Metselaar

My friend Lindsey Metselaar is host of We Met At Acme (an amazingly educational and entertaining dating podcast), CEO of Lindsey's Lunchbox, and food blogger @dontexpectsalads. Multi-talented would be an understatement!
I sat down with her to get the c"Tea"!
This interview was especially fun because about a year ago, she interviewed me for her podcast. So it was fun flipping the tables on her! (For my podcast / transcription of the interview, click here).
We also hosted a panel, "New Year New Rituals," together this past January where she dropped so much knowledge! My favorite piece of advice of hers that I still think of was, "Some people drain your batteries, and some people charge. Be with those who help you recharge." 
For those of you who don't know Lindsey, she is super sweet, thoughtful, goofy, and funny. We can talk hours about virtually anything, and she makes you laugh the whole time! 
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Ain't she a beaut?
Describe yourself in 3 words:
direct, open, determined 
What’s the meaning behind wemetatacme?
We Met At Acme is a dating podcast I created in order to let everyone know that they're not alone when it comes to the struggles of millennial dating. 

Do you believe you’ve found your calling?
Totally! I love to give advice and learn as I go. 

What motivates you?
Helping others

Who was integral in helping you get to where you are today?
My amazing team, and also anyone who hurt me in the past. Pain = motivation! 

What is your mantra?
Accept the things you cannot change 
Who are you inspired by?
So many people! Female entrepreneurs, my dad, my sister, my mom, my uncle! 

Your favorite: 
Athleisure Brand: Aviator Nation! 
Trainer: Donovan Jarvis at Work Train Fight
Make up artist: Stefani Vivian 
Healthy Restaurant: The Little Beet Table
Un-Healthy Restaurant: McDonalds (I know, I'm trash!) 
Podcast: Noble Blood 
TV show: The Sinner or Euphoria
Movie: Love Actually is probably the only movie I could watch 100x and not get sick of 
Song: Beyond by Leon Bridges
You’ve been working so hard— and we are all in awe! What are 3 tips you can give your community when it comes to being a female entrepreneur?
Be a YES person, try to get 8 hours of sleep, eyes on your own paper (don't compare yourself!) 

What’s your daily workout routine? How many times do you workout a week?
I used to never workout but now I work out anywhere from 4-6 times a week depending on the week. I love SLT, New York Pilates, P Volve, and boxing at Work Train Fight 

What are some things everybody should know when it comes to wellness?
Don't burn yourself out. Sleep in every once in a while!

What is your skincare routine?
Less is more for me! I use a make up wipe and sometimes some Erno Lazlo creams and that's it!
3 foods or supplements you try to incorporate daily:
Crushed Tonic(obviously), Cacao, and probiotics/magnesium

What role do you think collagen plays in skin and hair?
So so important! It's the best way to get great, strong hair and clear skin! 

What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic?
How long did it take for your results to take place? My hair! It just felt so healthy. Probably a few months of consistently drinking it! 

Any wellness or skincare/ hair tips? OR Any morning / evening rituals?
Don't wash your face in the morning! While you sleep, you emit natural minerals that your face needs! And if you only wash your hair once or twice a week, try to sleep with it up sometimes to avoid getting pimples! 

Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor?
I love the original! I'm a basic bitch! 

And now, spill the C-Tea ;) 🍵
Celebrity (or non-celebrity) crush
Currently crushing on David Corenswet from The Politician
Biggest red flag:
Bad communication skills 

How to win you over in a DM
Say something hysterical 

Something most people don’t know about you
I get overwhelmed by people easily and often need to escape and be alone
Something most people should know about you
I am so curious about every single person I meet

Dream collaboration

Advice you give but never follow 
I've told people to cut others out of their lives [if they are toxic] but I'm not so good at doing it myself

What does your dating bio say?
I'm in a relationship but it would say something like "No, I'm Not Going To Talk About You On The Podcast"

Describe your type /3 things you look for in your significant other
Good Communication, Loyalty, Humor

Favorite date?
A delicious dinner and a cozy movie (or a night dancing)
What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Nothing too strange yet sadly! Will keep you posted :) 


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