Can men drink collagen?

Collagen isn't just for women— it is a gender-neutral product! Men also benefit from this essential structural protein that's found in us all (our skin and connective tissues depend on collagen). In addition to boosting skin and hair benefits, collagen can help with athletic performance by building muscles and bones and thickening beard growth!

Here are some reviews by our male customers:

The Best Marine Collagen Out There | Marine Tubbie

I was an early adopter of supplementing with collagen. I have some chronic injuries and joint pain from 20+ years of impact sports that I manage with a pretty intense training and therapy regimen, and had been taking other brands collagen until I tried Crushed. I noticed the higher quality of this product immediately--finer particles and no strange smell or taste. I also really like knowing that it is responsibly sourced and free from heavy metals and other toxins, which I was definitely concerned about before. Taking crushed daily continues to help with my joint pain and I especially notice it in my knees and back. Will be subscribing indefinitely!

wowza | Coffee Tubbie

Holy moly. It's been 3 weeks since I started taking Crushed Tonic and I can see VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS TO MY SKIN. HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm hooked for life now. My skin thanks you!