Do you have vegan collagen?

There is no direct source of consumable collagen for vegans, as collagen is an inherently animal product. While there are vegan collagen sold, it isn’t made from any animal sources or fish sources. Instead, it’s made from plants that are good for the skin. Many of the ones on the market will include extra vitamins and minerals. The downside is that they may also contain sugars, dextrose compounds, and even preservatives or fillers.
Vegans (and even those who are able to take collagen), there’s still various other ways to help our body’s collagen levels flourish: by eating foods that help stimulate the body’s production of the vital protein, in addition to turning to foods packed with hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring acid found in the human body that acts as a lubrication agent for our hair and skin.
Hyaluronic acid boasts of similar properties as animal collagen, and plays a critical role in skin health, with its remarkable ability to bind to 1000 times its weight in moisture. My favorite source of hyaluronic acid is seaweed: Koreans have roasted seaweed at almost every meal and I believe it to be a powerful superfood. Other hyaluronic acid and collagen-production-stimulating foods include green vegetables for vitamin C, red vegetables for lycopene like tomatoes, mushrooms, and nuts. I suggest trying each type available and seeing which one your body tells you it feels strongest on. Listen to your body and see which one is the easiest on your stomach.
Excerpt from The Collagen Glow