"Three Solutions to Help You Get Rid of Acne"

Sally Kim, founder of Crushed Tonic, let us know that ingesting probiotics is great for "countering acne, as acne often occurs when there are more 'bad'bacteria than good bacteria in your system. Collagen in your diet could be even better for acne. Because collagen facilitates the regeneration of cells, it has the ability to potentially get rid of cells that are holding on to oily contaminants."

We know dead skin cells are a common acne culprit and collagen is all about building up a healthier dermis (read: skin). It not only makes you look more radiant, but in Sally's opinion, it optimizes your skin, "helping it become a stronger barrier for pretty much anything and everything." She also suggests adding turmeric and matcha to your diet, as both are clinically proven to help eradicate the toxins in our bodies and fight inflammation, which are both known causes of pimples and acne."

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