Top 6 Supplements to Maintain Healthy Nails

We love to paint our nails, try on funky nail art and show them off, right? Going to the nail salon, or even doing nails at home with friends, is great fun! But when you remove that sparkling glitter and look down at those bare nails, it can be quite disheartening. The cool nail art and manicure might make nails look amazing, but once they are gone, you start noticing brittleness, spots, discoloration, etc.

Just like other parts of your body, nails deserve tender loving care too. Nail issues indicate a lot about your health, and if you neglect it, things can get worse with time. Just like what you eat shows up on your skin, your diet majorly influences what your bare nails look like.  It is imperative to address the problems right away and tackle the deficiency from the source. That is why you require supplements. There are several vitamins and minerals that can help in rejuvenation and healthy growth of nails. Taking a supplement or multi-vitamin tablet is a convenient way to ensure you get proper nutrients.

Top 6 supplements to maintain strong nails:

Going to the nail salon often is tempting, as is painting nails at home, but first you have to make sure those nails are in good health. Here are a few supplements you need to try:


Of course, collagen! Collagen strengthens your nails and speeds growth. Pure Marine Collagen, Coffee and Marine Collagen, and Matcha and Marine Collagen.


A common misconception is that biotin is only for hair. However, studies have shown that it boosts nail health as well. It is a B-complex vitamin that enhances nail growth, while getting absorbed where both skin and nail cells are generated. Ideally, you should take it for at least 4 to 5 months to witness benefits.


Noticed weird indentations on your nails? Don’t ignore the signs – it is a clear indication that your diet could be lacking in iron. Since iron’s essential for producing keratin, which is a building block for healthy nails, a deficiency can lead to thin, curved, or ridged nails. You need to take supplements that contain iron to maintain healthy nail growth and appearance.

Folic Acid

Here too, this component is generally recommended as a supplement for growing hair. However, this vitamin works wonders for the nails as well. It assists in generating new cells and tissues in the body, thus promoting nail growth.

 Vitamin C

Is there anything vitamin C can’t do? Apart from helping to maintain gorgeous skin and energizing when you are down, it can also keep nails healthy. Taking it in supplement form is a must, especially if you don’t get the required quantity from your diet. It strengthens skin, connective tissues and bones, so it facilitates nail growth too. 


Does your manicure get damaged easily? Have you noticed discolored spots on bare nails? It could be a sign of zinc deficiency that plays an active role in healthy cell division. The growth rate of nais is quite quick, and if you provide a booster in the form of zinc, they can grow and be healthy at the same time.


This is an amino acid that is found naturally in the structure of nails. It is quite potent and known as a revitalizing agent when it comes to nail growth. It acts like an antioxidant too, while boosting collagen production. If you want to improve collagen production naturally, why not give this Sampler Kit a try? It contains Original, Matcha, and Turmeric sachets.


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