Crushed Tonic Frother | PRE-ORDER

Make your Crushed Tonic lattes with lots of froth and no powder clumps! Just add your crush to any cup of water or milk, and use this handheld frother!
Currently out of stock: If you purchase today, your frother will arrive late June.
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No frother?
That's okay. Here's a 30 second hack by our founder on how to make your crushed tonic clump-free!

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Really enjoying Crushed Tonic!

I'm nearing the end of my first month and while I'm really enjoying each of the crushes as a part of my morning ritual, I had knee surgery 2 weeks into my first order, so this month isn't the best test for me. I am definitely planning to make these a part of my life for the next year of recovery because I really do believe the collagen will help promote healing and the probiotics have been great to help combat digestive issues with all the pain meds I've been on for the last 10 days. My doc was super pleased with the amount of swelling I had post-op and I really focused on the turmeric crushes the week after surgery -- who knows if that did anything, but it is a great way to get an anti-inflammatory like golden milk with the addition of collagen and probiotics! Can't say much about noticing differences in my skin or hair yet because I'm not in my normal routine. I can say that each of the crushes tastes great and I really enjoy the feeling of starting my day off with some extra goodness in my bod!

Caring Company—-Amazing Product

I had some issues with my subscription and the owner took the time to personally correct the issue, sent a sweet email and even sent me an extra thirty day supply. This is all in addition to having created an amazing product. I love the way my hair and skin are looking, my gut health has improved and the products are tasty!

Good not Great

The Crushed Tonic is great, however, the amount of shipping time seems unusual for an American distributed product. Especially at that price.

Feel and look great!

Absolutely love these! I’m a 1/3 of my way through my first container but know I’ll be ordering again! If you do your part and stick with it it’ll do the rest!