Founder + Author of The Collagen Glow

Sally grew up drinking her Korean grandmother’s bone broth— essentially collagen broth—so when she experienced a painful burn and turned to collagen to successfully heal and regenerate her skin, it was an epiphany: she realized that ingesting collagen was key to good skin, healthy joints, and strong hair and nails.

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Most people are unaware of the fact that many of their most stubborn skin and hair problems start at the root of nutrition and biology.

I, too, had been ignorant of this direct correlation between nutrition and skin until I got badly burned from a deep-fryer incident that melted the skin off of my arms immediately. When topical solutions and prescription ointments did nothing for my burn blisters and scars, I turned to the internet and discovered that ingesting collagen could potentially help my skin heal and regenerate. Desperate, I got started on the collagen regimen immediately.

After a few weeks of taking 20g of collagen a day, I was amazed: I saw incredible changes not just on the burns on my arms, but my entire skin, head to toe, my nails, and my hair. Everyone was asking me what moisturizer I was using— and that's when I realized— ingesting collagen was making my skin the healthiest it had ever been. I wasn't even applying moisturizer as often as I used to! 

Thrilled with my results, I started evangelizing the miraculous superfood to my aging parents. That was where I realized why this key to perfect skin had not yet caught on in America: everyone hated how it tasted.

But knowing how beneficial collagen had been for me head to toe, I couldn’t let the taste be a reason that my parents didn’t consume collagen. 

So with this goal of solving this challenge, I began my search for the purest, most premium collagen types, as well as exotic, delicious, wellness-packed superfoods.

And after what had seemed like forever, I finally found the most perfect collagen, one that checked off all of the boxes, in addition to delicious fruits, roots and herbs that I wanted each drink to be flavored with. A drink that was beneficial, healthy, AND delicious.

And as for my picky parents?

They're hooked for good!