Dr. Tess Mauricio | ADVISING M.D.
Dr. Tess Mauricio, is a Board Certified Dermatologist, fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The University of California San Diego (UCSD) with a degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and minors in theatre and sociology. 
Dr Tess is an internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon, regenerative medicine, women’s health and nutraceutical pioneer, author of California Total Beauty, renowned speaker, teacher, sought after media personality and has educated thousands across the globe on technologies she has helped pioneer such as the Time Machine Procedure and ALMI Procedure.
She is a favorite medical expert on TV with regular network appearances on the CBS' The Doctors, The Talk, Dr Phil, Rachael Ray show, Fox News, America’s Next Top Model, The Dr Oz Show along with many local TV shows. She produced and starred on "The Dr Tess Show" and her family’s reality show will air globally in 2018.
Internationally, Dr. Tess has been featured in UK Cosmopolitan magazine, France’s Les Nouvelle Estetiques, Philippines’ YES magazine, and in the US’ Aesthetic Buyers, Health, Beauty Life, Cosmopolitan, New Beauty, MedEsthetics and Hollywood Reporter magazines. 
Dr. Tess celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her Stanford Medical school classmate, Dr. James Lee and together they have founded the nutritional supplement company, Liveli. They have a daughter, Jana who is a freshman at Stanford University and son Michael is 12 years old. They live in San Diego, California.


Amazing tonic

Love it


If I could get about the same amount of all three choices

After drinking Crushed Tonic everyday for the past month, I've noticed a few things!

My overall skin moisture/ plumpness has significantly increased.
My enlarged pores have tightened (I tried taking scary close up selfies at start/ finish of regiment and some enlarged pores have tightened. Trust me you don't want to see these).

Also, my new hair growth at the roots is 'stronger' - and when I touch my roots they are stiffer/stick straight up a bit. I have very fine hair, so this is definitely because of Crushed Tonic, as I normally don't have this. Can't wait to see how it grows out.

This is a miracle!

I have suffered from eczema and dry, irritated skin my entire life. I’ve been consistently drinking Crushed Tonic in my smoothies or with coconut milk almost every day and I’ve never had softer or more mosterized skin! EVER!

Amazing amazing product! Highly recommend. 10/10

Great for travel

I recently brought Crushed Tonic along to India so I would have some probiotic protection for my belly. Happy to say that even if my stomach was slightly upset, drinking my tumeric tonic helped immensely. I've also noticed a difference in my overall skin tone since I've been drinking this regularly. Another benefit has been that my skin is quite hydrated which was great especially on the airplane. So happy I tried Crushed Tonic!