In what way is powder more effective than pills - as stated on the site?

Powder collagen, when mixed with water, turns into a liquid collagen -- which by far is the most easily absorbed by the body. It also takes less for the body to break down liquid collagen -- while capsules can take more than 30-45 mins depending on what you had eaten that day.

Why did you pick marine collagen over bovine collagen?

We made a conscious choice to use only fish collagen, despite bovine collagen being much cheaper— and so should you. Not only is fish collagen free of slaughter-house diseases, more sustainably sourced, and frankly better tasting, it is also more effective. Plus, between sterilized fish skin and cow hides boiled in acid, it's really a no-brainer. Right?

Our collagen is 100% non-gmo fish— carbohydrate free, fat free, purine free, cholesterol free, OGM free, and preservative free. It is sustainably sourced (the collagen comes from fish skin that would have been thrown away otherwise), comes from a farm in France where it was veterinary controlled, and filtered twice before being milled into collagen.

Although supplements are unable to be regulated by the FDA, we made sure that our manufacturers and suppliers sourced only the most premium, high quality ingredients, so that you would never have to question what you are putting inside your body.

How do you get the powder to mix perfectly? 

We like to pour a little bit of lukewarm water into a glass or a cup, put the crush into it, and mix it until the water thickens, and the powder dissolves perfectly. Then, I'll add more water-- whether cold with ice or hot (I also do this with coffee). The matcha is definitely the trickiest, but since it's a grainier powder it needs to be dissolved into like a paste first almost. Another way is to put it directly into a water bottle, and shake it up. When it's a closed bottle it blends better.

What does it really taste like?

The powders actually don't have a taste of their own (though often, collagen does). but we have scoured the earth to make sure that the collagen we selected and the formula we've landed on is something that you would be able to enjoy with almost anything. 

Can you take too much collagen?
When our founder, Sally, got burned, she took collagen twice a day (20g). Although we can't speak for all, the only thing that happened to her was better skin and better hair!
How long does it take for effects to show?
Probiotics can help you feel better in hours. The benefits of collagen, however, may take up to two to four weeks.
How do I prepare it?
Our ingredients were designed to be added into water or coffee first before adding any kind of milk to it.
Why did you choose powder over pills?
Well, simply put: we hated pills. we hated, and still hate, the feeling we got after swallowing. but turns out, powder is much more effective anyways!
How is it sustainable?
Our collagen comes from the fish skin, the usually "unwanted" parts of the fish that would have been thrown away otherwise.
Are there added sweeteners or sugar in your drink mixes?
No. Our crushes are functionally flavored with ingredients perfected by nature.
Can I take your drink mixes if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, extra collagen is actually sometimes recommended for pregnant women - but consult your doctor before trying our drink mixes or if you have any questions.

Is ingesting tilapia collagen is different (and far better for you) than eating the actual fish (which I've read can be compared to being as poor for you as eating bacon)?

So of course, every meal prep is different. Having said that, most of the time, the fish that we consume is usually cooked with a lot of things that aren’t quite so great for you, such as salt, and then packed with preservatives that are often carcinogenic (insert bacon example here). And when one consumes fish skin, which is where we source collagen from primarily, it is usually deep fried, or again, drenched in sodium. Hence, we can’t advise you to eat ten whole grams of fish skin too often, let alone every day (and the daily aspect can’t be emphasized more, as our bodies cannot store protein for longer than 24 hours).

I've read that wild caught fish is a better choice than farm raised and I've also read that tilapia is an unhealthy fish. I'd still like to continue taking crushed tonic and was wondering if you could explain the benefits behind choosing farm raised and tilapia?

We chose farm raised tilapia for many reasons: Unfortunately in today’s world, wild-caught doesn’t always mean it’s good. Many breeds of wild fish now contain high levels of mercury and other toxins. And we wanted to steer clear from Gulf of Mexico area and East Asia for such reasons. Sourcing collagen from the abundant, aquacultured tilapia is environmentally friendly: because we use skin that would have been thrown away otherwise, we are hurting Mother Earth a little less. We wanted to go with tilapia collagen for its efficacy. Compared to the other sources of marine collagen, tilapia skin is the biggest winner in promoting wound healing and skin regeneration (Tilapia collagen encourages the growth of fibroblastsand increases the expression of genes involved in wound healing). Tilapia also has the highest protein concentrations in their scales, something we prioritized. And of course, all of our tilapia collagen goes through a validated and safe process (sterilization and pasteurization, filtration, UF, and demineralization). Our collagen is not irradiated and is GMO-free, contaminants free, carbohydrate free, cholesterol free, and preservative free.

Beyond the beauty benefits, why should we take collagen?

Collagen ingestion helps facilitate new regeneration of skin, muscle, bones, and hair: as the go-to medication for those with joint and bone diseases, it is known to reduce pain and improves mobility by stimulating the biosynthesis of type II collagen, the foundation of cartilage.

What is the ideal dosage of collagen per day? Can you have too much?

When I used collagen for the sole purpose of recovering from my burns, I took about 30g of it daily.  I also drank around the same amount a day -- if not more--  when I started formulating and playing around with different recipes.

I would say that is probably the max for me -- 30g.

To get the effects of great hair and skin, it’s less about increasing your daily dosage and more about consistency and sticking to it. Of course, I’d recommend around 10g daily -- but after that, there’s only so much your body can do with the extra amounts of protein, especially because our bodies cannot store it.



honestly all so good!

I’ve been a long time collagen fan and tried a bunch of different kinds but never found one I could just drink straight up or I would put it in my morning smoothie and it would ruin the whole thing! Original is probably my favorite since you can put it in anything and it still tastes great!

Makes my hair grow

I’m in college and my biggest fear is that I’d lose hair. When I started drinking crushed tonic, I drank it mostly for the probiotics, because I heard that it was good for weight loss and increasing my metabolism. I was right, but what I was even happier about, was that my beard and hair started growing more thicker and fuller. Even my eyelashes are longer, which my girlfriend gets jealous about.

super in love with your product!!!

Legit obsessed. I am not just saying this... I have tried a lot of different collagen products and this by far blows the other ones out of the park. I cannot taste it in my coffee, which was the biggest issue I had with other types. Cannot wait to try the other flavors and mix in with my morning smoothies. Also, branding on point. Seriously cannot say enough good things— So impressive. The "have a crush on us?" I died. So good.

Amazing Results

I am a 26 year old man, and have not had a solid anti-aging routine. However, Crushed Tonic has been ingrained into my daily routine. I can't go a day without it. Not only have I seen benefits on my face, but my hair is thicker! I have even stopped using prescription hair growth products because of Crushed Tonic's results. Thank you so much!!

Sleeves of Health

These have kept me on track since the beginning. I’m a Mother if 3 (4,6,8) and I haven’t missed a beat, gotten sick or lost my mood...I’m hooked!