CLINICAL STUDIES Clinical Study Part A (40 participants, females around the age of 55, and 12 weeks) Using a cutometer, (a skin elasticity meter that analyzes skin's elasticity by measuring the time and quality of skin's ability to return to the original state after stretching and pulling it), respondents reported: 1. 18% increase in skin firmness 2. 27.2% decrease in skin elasticity 3. 22.8% increase in skin hydration Clinical Study Part B (40 participants, females around the age of 55, and 12 weeks) By measuring the shadows created by one's wrinkles pre and post study, surveyed respondents reported a significant decrease in wrinkles (average of -9.73%) by week 12. Focus Group (50 respondents, 4 weeks) After drinking Crushed Tonic everyday for 4 weeks: 97% saw improvements in their skin, such as: 1. Increase in skin hydration and firmness 2. Decrease in look of under-eye dark circles 3. Reduced wrinkles and enlarged pores 94% saw improvements in their hair, such as: 1. Thicker hair 2. Stronger hair 3. Boost in hair growth 100% saw improvements in their overall health, such as: 1. Quicker muscle recovery 2. Stronger joints and bones 3. Improvement in metabolism 4. Improved digestion 5. Improved immune health AS SEEN IN Allure "The next Korean phenom to hit Sephora is Crushed Tonic, K’Beauty’s Favorite Supplement.” Refinery29 "This is going to be a huge, huge product, so get on the Crushed Tonic train. Now." Coveteur "In addition to checking off the internal anti-aging box for stronger skin and thicker hair, Crushed Tonic is delicious and easy to make." WELL + GOOD "This matcha collagen can improve your gut health & reduce inflammation.. it may be your new favorite product" Fab Fit Fun "I am a huge fan. I take one of these packets everyday, once a day, and there is a significant difference when you are using them and when you're not. It takes about 14 days to fully kick in, but you will see it. Your skin will look more supple, the area around your eyes will look more hydrated, it's a game changer." Click here to read more about what people are saying! DIRECTIONS The secret to making Crushed Tonic drinks clump-free is to mix the crush (any flavor crush) into a reusable water bottle with 1/3 cup of water. After turning the crush into a "shot," you can then add this concentrate elixir to anything— whether it's coffee (great with original crush), or coconut milk (great with original crush / turmeric crush / matcha crush), or a glass of water with ice (matcha crush). VIDEOS FAQ WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF YOUR COLLAGEN? Our collagen comes from a blend of sustainably harvested non-gmo tilapia and pangasi raised in fresh water fish farms in Europe, with final processing in a Kosher certified facility in France. WHY MARINE COLLAGEN OVER BOVINE COLLAGEN? We made a conscious choice to use only fish collagen, despite bovine collagen being much, much cheaper— and so should you. Not only is fish collagen free of slaughter-house diseases, more sustainably sourced, and frankly better tasting, it is also more effective. Plus, between sterilized fish skin and cow hides, it's really a no-brainer. Right? Besides, we would never want to cut corners, especially when it comes to health. WHY TILAPIA COLLAGEN? 1. It is the most effective— tilapia skin collagen is the smallest in size, therefore is best absorbed by our body. Tilapia skin also has the highest concentrations of protein in their scales. 2. It tastes best—other collagen types are known for a stronger, gamier taste, while tilapia collagen is essentially flavorless. 3. It is sourced ethically and sustainably—because tilapia is so abundantly farmed (and the skin is so often discarded), sourcing collagen from aqua-cultured tilapia is the most environmentally friendly. 4. It is purest of its kind — many breeds of wild fish now contain high levels of mercury and other toxic metals, while our collagen was tested to be less than 0.01 PPM. And all of our tilapia collagen goes through a validated and safe process (sterilization and pasteurization, filtration, UF, and demineralization), something that many collagen companies cannot stand behind. Our collagen is also irradiated and is contaminants free, carbohydrate free, cholesterol free, and preservative free. 5. It is clinically proven—there are ample amounts of clinical studies done on our collagen, that you don't have to question the efficacy of our collagen. 6. Always marine, never bovine collagen— though other types of collagen, such as bovine collagen, is cheaper to source, we went with marine collagen as we personally would never consume cow hides in its original form (insert yucky emoji), while marine collagen is something we eat everyday. DO THESE DRINK MIXES HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED, SINCE THEY CONTAIN PROBIOTICS? Our probiotics' unique structure makes it capable of withstanding extremely hot temperatures, such as hot water, challenges it’s exposed to during digestive transit. IN WHAT WAY IS POWDER MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PILLS - AS STATED ON THE SITE? Powder collagen, when mixed with water, turns into a liquid collagen -- which by far is the most easily absorbed by the body. It also takes less for the body to break down liquid collagen-- while capsules can take more than 30-45 mins depending on what you had eaten that day. WHAT DOES IT REALLY TASTE LIKE? DOES IT TASTE LIKE FISH? The powders actually don't have a taste of their own (though often, collagen does). but we have scoured the earth to make sure that the collagen we selected and the formula we've landed on is something that you would be able to enjoy with almost anything. WHEN DO I START SEEING THE RESULTS? Probiotics can help you feel better in hours. The benefits of collagen, however, may take up to two to four weeks. ARE THERE ADDED SWEETENERS OR SUGAR IN YOUR DRINK MIXES? No. Our crushes are functionally flavored with ingredients perfected by nature. CAN I TAKE YOUR DRINK MIXES IF I AM PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING? Yes, extra collagen is actually sometimes recommended for pregnant women - but consult your doctor before trying our drink mixes or if you have any questions. WHAT IS THE IDEAL DOSAGE OF COLLAGEN PER DAY? CAN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH? We recommend around 10g to 20g daily -- to get the effects of great hair and skin, it’s less about increasing your daily dosage and more about consistency and sticking to it daily.