We don't care whether you're a girl. or a guy.

We're here to reject the gender-binary-ness of skincare. Men have skin too! Which is why we designed a product that was minimalist, gender-neutral, and strayed far from using gender-prescriptive language. 

That's not all: we formulated 3 distinct flavors so that there was a flavor that worked for just about everyone: coffee drinker? Add our original crush to your cup of joe everyday. Hate coffee but still crave caffeine? Go with our matcha crush. Feeling sick? Take the turmeric crush. Busy? Traveling? That's why it's in a stick. We can go on, but the point is: we don't just believe in what we do. We believe in our how.

we're obsessed with biohacking.

Our founder's obsession with skincare began when she got badly burned from an oil accident, and she had to figure out how she could get her skin to heal and regenerate as fast as possible. 

But after experimenting with every topical solution out there that pretty much did nothing, she realized that the most important aspect of skincare was actually far from lotions and gels-- it was actually about what she put into her body, what she absorbed at the cellular level. 

To learn more about our founder's journey, click here,

We are transparent about what’s inside.

45 Calories in 1 stick, 10g of protein. no sugar. no fat. no carbs. all-Natural. Non-Gmo Fish. ingredients all individually sourced from France, Japan, and USA. manufactured in the USA. 

You may have heard that supplements aren't regulated by the FDA, and that sounds scary. But don’t worry: we have partnered with certified manufacturers are suppliers that have more than done their homework. our probiotics are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, and our manufacturer is BRC-certified.

we were inspired by Korean skincare.

But not the 10-step routine you're thinking.

Despite all the craze around the ten-step Korean skincare regimen, we know that the most vital (yet still somehow unspoken) component of our skincare routine, is not another cream or lotion, but our diet. Korean cuisine is inherently gluten-free, dairy-free, full of minerals, and most importantly, laden with probiotics and collagen.

we think you deserve the best.

Our marine collagen is clinically proven. That doesn't happen often. And it doesn't stop there. Our collagen is traceable back to its roots, where it was sustainably sourced (collagen is extracted from fish skin, the parts of the fish that usually thrown away).

We will always use marine collagen over bovine collagen. Because collagen from left over, boiled cow hides? No thanks. But of course, having all these standards, does come at a price. Our marine collagen is expensive and so are our probiotics. But they're the core of our products, so we couldn't have done it any other way. Our collagen is expertly extracted, sterilized and filtered and our probiotics are strong, survivable and backed by over 20 published studies.To buy just a good probiotic would cost you anywhere between $25-$65 a month, and pure high quality marine collagen costs around $40-50. So we've worked really hard to give you the best but also give you good value for your hard-earned money.

We want you to love your results, but also the process of getting there.

Yes, there's clinical proof that this stuff works. but effective doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyable, too. Our tonic is so delicious, and refreshing, that you'd have no idea it was so good for you. And as for results? You'll become the best version of yourself in 2-4 weeks, depending on how consistent you are. Just ask our guineapigs! 

When we first started thinking about how to combine our core ingredients in a simple
and easy-to-use self-care routine, we knew that whatever we made had to taste great.
We're not big fans of handfuls of pills, and we wanted you to wake up in the morning, and look forward to your wellness routine. Most importantly, our marine collagen is tasteless: you would never guess that there were 10 whole grams of fish skin in each drink!

we want to redefine the term "anti-aging."

We think that the obsession with anti-aging is overrated. Aging isn't a crime. Which is why for us, the term anti-aging means something different: it’s about saying no growing up. It’s about rewinding time to get back to when we felt like we had all the energy in the world, to do whatever we wanted to do, nothing to hold us down, and no excuses to hold us back.

We formulated with essential building blocks of life to fight inflammation, indigestion, mineral deficiency, and fatigue-- everything our body needs more of at the cellular level. So that we'll get your youth back, where it really matters: within.



5 Stars

Crushed Tonic allowed me to create a routine just for my personal wellbeing - more than my standard morning or evening routine. Adding Crushed Tonic to a hot beverage in the evening allowed me to sleep better and spend time - even if it was only 4 or 5 minutes - focusing just on nourishing myself in a calm, mindful, and relaxing way.

I love it

It's helped me lose weight since it keeps me feeling so full and satiated all morning. I also love how I don't have to wear lotion as much, when before my skin used to be very dry and almost ashy.

Find your favorite

I absolutely love crushed tonic! I was having trouble clearing my skin and after doing research (and spending lots of money on expensive beauty products) I decided to try healing my skin through the inside out. I love the Matcha flavor as it gives me that afternoon boost I need and it is delicious with almond milk. For me, the Tumeric flavor never seemed to mix in all the way so that was my least favorite. The collagen and probiotics has helped improve my skin immensely, I am so happy with the results and have already ordered more crushes. Totally worth the price as it gives you so many amazing ingredients in one easy form to take!

Kristin, we are so happy to hear that you are a fan; we love that we can make a difference in your health routine. Our vision was exactly that-- that someone will find pick their favorite! We formulated our flavors so that there was a flavor that worked for just about everyone: coffee drinker? Add our original crush to your cup of joe everyday. Hate coffee but still crave caffeine? Go with our matcha crush. Feeling sick? Take the turmeric crush.
SO excited to re-up!

Not having CT for like 2 months proved how worth it is for me.

I literally saw my skin change back to… not glowy.
I definitely saw a difference when i was on it at the time, but I don’t think I realized how much of a difference there was until I didnt have any.
I didn’t notice a huge difference in my bowel movements (lol), but even my bf was like “yea.. it definitely made you… glow... more?"

Also, i’ve been doing laser tattoo removal and i feel like the tonic helped my skin heal a lot faster!

Honestly so excited to have it again ugh

I love it!

the original is my favorite — &since I can put it in coffee and smoothies I was able to take it everyday :) I also have a really bad stomach and I feel like it has really helped with inflammation which I used to get so much more frequently! I'm addicted