#1 we're doctor and dermatologist approved

We know how important it is to feel confident in making a new wellness choice, which is why we sought the opinion and approval of doctors and dermatologists in formulating our infusions. If you ever have questions or concerns about adding something new to your diet, we suggest talking to your physician. But you can also feel secure in the knowledge that our ingredients and our products are tried and tested. 

#2 we want to push you to think inside the box for a change.

We found that too often, we simply try to cover up the problem, or fix the problem when it's too late. Stop waiting! Start addressing the root of your problems, and take the holistic, preventative approach to wellness, by starting early and staying consistent. 

#3 we invested in the best.

We know that supplements aren't regulated by the FDA; which is why we only stuck with only top of the shelf ingredients, from sources we trust.  

Not all collagen is the same. We went with marine collagen when we found out how bovine collagen was made: left over cow hides, thrown out from butchers, would travel a long period of time to get to a plant, and then get boiled in some solution, before becoming milled into powder. No sterilization and no filtration.

But not only is it cleaner, our marine collagen is traceable back to the farm (how often can you say you knew exactly where your protein came from, and how many steps it took for it to get to your plate?), more effective than bovine collagen, and also environmentally friendly (our collagen is made from fish skin that would have been thrown away otherwise).

Our probiotics are also some of the strongest of their kind, and have been backed by over 20 published studies.  

So to work out the math quickly for you, probiotics ($25-$65 / month) + pure marine collagen ($50-90/month) + biotin + all of the different organic superfoods... need we say more?  

#4 we think of it as Korean Skincare-in-a-stick

Despite all the craze around the ten-step Korean skincare regimen, I know that the most vital (yet still somehow unspoken) component of our skincare routine, is not another cream or lotion, but our diet. 

Korean cuisine is inherently gluten-free, dairy-free, full of minerals, and most importantly, laden with probiotics and collagen. 
So many of our skin and hair problems circle back to our stomach and liver, two of our most stressed out, hung over organs; which is why our tonic will always be packed with superfoods and antioxidants that fight inflammation, indigestion, and fatigue.

#5 we want it to be easy.

We didn't want to add another pill to your lineup. You know that feeling after swallowing a pill? We hated that. Besides, we wanted our tonic to be something you looked forward to drinking everyday, something you didn't want to forget. And fine, we'll admit it. We are kind of lazy. We were tired of scooping, measuring, and spilling everyday. 

#6 we aren't for just one gender, or one lifestyle.

Caring for the health of our skin is vital for EVERYONE, but somehow, so much of the narrative around skincare and supplements only cater to one gender. We wanted to reject that stigma. 

We also wanted to ensure that there was something that worked for just about everyone. Love coffee? Pick our original blend. Hate coffee? Go with our matcha blend. Feeling sick? Take the turmeric blend. Busy? Traveling? That's why it's in a stick. We can go on; but the point is, we don't just believe in what we do. We believe in our how.