Crushed Tonic Frother

Make your Crushed Tonic lattes with lots of froth and no powder clumps: just add your crush to any cup of water or milk, and use this handheld frother. 
Batteries Included.
No frother?
That's okay.
Here's a 30 second hack on how to make your crushed tonic clump-free!

Customer Reviews

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My favorite protein add-in

For my morning lattes....I really feel and see a differences in my skin and hair after 1 month of use

never stuck with a collagen routine until yours

Your product is definitely one of the best out there.

I’m a product junkie and never stuck with a collagen routine until yours. I’m on the road 8 months of the year and I am never without the original and matcha!

I recently didn’t bring enough with me to a trip to HK and got some stuff from Japan...yuck! It’s suppose to be one of the best selling ones too.

Anyway, thank you so much for creating the Crushed Tonics! You have a follower for life!

PS I’ve also been recommending you to all my friends. I think I’m going to give away Crushed Tonics for Christmas!

Just finished my cup of original crushed tonic with Oatly milk:) Also I’ve been experimenting with the turmeric one and it’s actually really fantastic mixed into soups?!

Thank you for making my Christmas easy this year!

Amazing product!!!

I had a lot of problems with my wrists and searched everywhere for an all around product(for skin, hair nails, joints, etc). I never write reviews but I’m definitely impressed!



simply the best in the business of collagen.

Definitely a five star product, though very very pricey. I first came across CT from a random website sold for like $65 for the 30 packets assorted jar. The results were very noticeable after the first 30 days so I ran back to the website but it was all gone. Later on found it at sephora for $105 and literally was cursing at sephora for the price hike. I googled the hell out of CT from different search engines looking for a better price, only to find out the msrp with the manufacturer (CT) itself is actually $105. Then there was nowhere for me to run but subscribe for the monthly for $6 off. Like I said earlier it's definitely a 5 star product that delivers. I can see a reviewer taking a star off for the price but I won't. I will just continue to use until I can no longer afford it.