Why is Collagen Good for Working Out?

Did you know that collagen = protein? In fact, it’s a super protein that contains 3x the amount of amino acids as average protein powder. Collagen isn’t more protein, it’s just protein that works harder!
Collagen is purely protein powder that encompasses most of the amino acids our bodies rely on: not just for our skin and hair, but also our muscles, joints and bones. Collagen protein peptides are the perfect recovery protein that builds and repairs muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage that are stressed during exercise.

Here's 4 reasons to take collagen pre or post exercise:

Aids in muscle repair
During and after intense exercise, protein loss occurs in muscles, due to oxidation, muscle microlesions, and inflammatory reactions. Studies have shown that protein synthesis goes down while exercising, but immediately improves afterwards for an extended period of time. That is why a high protein diet after exercise is recommended to replace those lost proteins, by increasing anabolism. Since collagen protein is packed with amino acids, a collagen drink is ideal for muscle repair and recovery.
Strengthens joints and ligaments
A study was conducted among three different categories of athletes, where they were supplemented with a combination of collagen peptides, BCAA, and arginine over a two-year period. It was found that tendon-ligament and joint injury rates decreased quite a bit. Yet another study measured effects of daily intake of collagen peptides on the structure of the Achilles tendon. It found a significant increase in collagen fiber diameter, which indicates improved strength of the tendon, due to collagen supplementation. Try our Pure Unflavored Collagen Crushes, or any flavor from these handy Pick + Pack Crushes for your post-workout nutrition.
Reduces joint pain
Various clinical trials have shown that supplementing with collagen could reduce activity and exercise-related joint pain. High impact activities and high-intensity sports exert stress on joints that can lead to pain and injury. But if they are adequately supplemented with collagen protein for some days, it results in improved joint function and flexibility while exercising. Gradually the pain fades, and you can exercise without any trouble.
Speeds up injury recovery time
When the body sustains an injury, there are two main processes involved for healing torn or damaged muscles – regeneration of muscle fibers simultaneously with the production of connective scar tissue. A major aspect of these processes is collagen formation. Collagen synthesis rates in muscle cells are heightened after three weeks following an injury. So supplementing your workout routine with collagen drinks can have excellent benefits!
The combination of collagen’s high bioavailability with its high amino acid content makes it the ideal post-exercise nutrition that is absorbed swiftly. It works hard to repair and replenish proteins broken down during exercise. 

If you want a bit of flavor with your daily collagen intake, we suggest our Turmeric + Marine Collagen Crushes or Coffee Marine Collagen – choice is yours!



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