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our anti-aging drink mixes are formulated with marine collagen, probiotics, biotin, and flavored with organic superfoods.

benefits reported

in 4 weeks

- 9.7% reduction in wrinkles

+ 18% lift in skin firmness

+ 27.2% reduction in skin elasticity

+ 22.8% lift in skin hydration

plus thicker, stronger hair and nails

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sometime in your mid-20's, your body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen, the gatekeepers of moisture in your skin and hair cells.

this decline of collagen is what causes things like wrinkles, dark circles, and thinning hair. 

however, drinking 1 crush a day could reverse some of this loss by providing your body 18 of the 20 amino acids your body needs everyday for healthy skin, hair and body.

in every crush

marine collagen - 10g

clinically proven to make your skin plumper, softer and more hydrated, in addition to diminishing the look of wrinkles and dark circles in just 2-4 weeks.

in every crush

biotin - 1000 mcg

clinically proven to thicken and strengthen your hair and nails.

in every crush

1 billion cfu probiotics

clinically proven to strengthen your digestive and immune health, in addition to improving your detoxification processes.

in every crush

superfoods - 2g

organic superfoods (matcha / turmeric / lucuma) to enhance your energy, mood and brain power.

founding story

our founder sally discovered collagen when she got badly burned. 

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Cookbook and Collagen Guide authored by our founder, Sally.

Sally grew up drinking her Korean grandmother’s bone broth— essentially collagen broth—so when she experienced a painful burn and turned to collagen to successfully heal and regenerate her skin, it was an epiphany: she realized that ingesting collagen was key to good skin, healthy joints, and strong hair and nails.

The Collagen Glow is a lifestyle guide and cookbook using collagen. It is packed with 40 delicious recipes to show how versatile collagen powder is, in addition to all of the answers to the questions you have on collagen: on how it is harvested, what its benefits are, and how to take it to the next level with an easy 10-step plan.

Publishing House: W.W. Norton's Countryman Press




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