clinically proven

in just 30 days...

- 9.7% reduction in wrinkles

+ 18% lift in skin firmness

+ 27.2% reduction in skin elasticity

+ 22.8% lift in skin hydration

plus thicker, stronger hair and nails*

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bet you didn't know


sometime in your mid-20's, your body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen, the gatekeepers of moisture in your skin and hair cells.

this decline of collagen is what causes things like wrinkles, dark circles, and thinning hair. 

however, drinking 1 crush a day could reverse some of this loss by providing your body 19 of the 21 amino acids your body needs everyday for healthy skin, hair and body.


founding story

our founder sally discovered collagen when she got badly burned. 

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recipes + TIPS

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