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Love it!

This collagen is awesome! My nails, skin, and hair are so much stronger healthier than ever before in my life!

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Cassandra Dupree (Henderson, US)

Very soluble. I haven’t used it long enough to see any results; but as far as formulation, it’s been great.

Matcha Collagen Marine Crushes
Sophia Ferretti (San Jose, US)
Love this stuff

My skin and hair have never been better❤️ and the matcha was also delicious. repurchasing for sure

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Lora Watts (San Antonio, US)
CT review

I am not sure I can tell anything in my skin yet, but I know for sure that my fingernails are growing faster!

Try Me Sampler - Assorted Marine Collagen Crushes
Keely-Shaye King (New York, US)

This is really phenomenal product. It dissolves so fast and doesn’t make the texture of your drink weird. The flavor is super light so it’s almost like a flavor booster rather than the main thing you taste. It compliments any drink! I’m having a hard time deciding whether the original or the coffee is my favorite because both taste good!
I’ve always had pretty good skin but aging is definitely starting to show now that I’m getting older. This stuff has really given me a glow I’ve been missing and I love it!!!!

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Cindy (North Hollywood, US)
Waiting to see results

I've been taking this every day for a month and I haven't noticed any differences in my hair or nails yet, however it dissolves easily and does not have a terrible taste to it - I don't even notice it when mixed into my morning tea. I will try for another month or two and see if there is improvement with consistency and time.

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Emily (Kansas City, US)
Day 30!!

Wow! Day 30 is here and I’m really starting to notice differences… especially in my skin! I had a bad reaction from a new facial product that made my face breakout ALL OVER and I truly believe crushed tonic helped my skin bounce back fast- what a life saver. And my hair looks great! Happy to reorder soon :)

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Fanchon Ohlrogge (Colorado Springs, US)
Great product

I love how easy it is to mix and have noticed improvements in my skin. Even more compliments in the last few weeks!

Coffee Collagen Tubbie - Almost Gone
Jennifer Austin (Thousand Oaks, US)

Coffee Collagen Tubbie

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Lori (Indianapolis, US)
Love this product!

Been using Crush for almost a year and my hair is so much healthier looking/feeling. Recommend for sure!

Matcha Collagen Marine Crushes

Truly impressed

Okay so I never write reviews however, I really need to share the gospel of Crushed Tonic. I like the unflavored the best and then the coffee. The matcha was fishy in my opinion. I repurchased the unflavored pouch and have been drinking for over a month. I had a seborrheic keratosis and skin tag removed two weeks ago. The healing of my skin is amazing!!! The seborrheic keratosis was on my breast and my dermatologist warned me that the breast heal weird due to the weight and made me sign a wavier due to the risk of keloids or loss of pigment. Well, between hydrocolloid bandages and collagen it’s healing beautifully. Really Crushed Tonic I’m a fan!! Also, it dissolves better than any other Marine collagen I’ve tried. Buy it!!

The product you NEED!!!

I have been drinking the marine collagen coffee every day now for going on 3 years!! For years I had tried different products and techniques to get my hair to grow and it wasn't until I came across Crushed Tonic that I actually noticed a difference! I have thick curly hair so sometimes it can take a while to see the extra length, but with this marine collagen I could easily see the extra length on my hair and that my skin appears to be hydrated, glowy, and overall radiant. I travel with my Crushed Tonic, I recommend it to all my friends, and I never go a day without it! It's my forever, go-to product, and coffee-snob approved!! I promise you won't regret investing in yourself and this product which delivers real results.

Keratin Hair Growth Capsules | 2 Mo. Supply
PETA THOMAS (Hampstead, US)

Keratin x Collagen Boosting Hair Growth Capsules | 60 Capsules

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Teresa Turner (Janesville, US)
Good so far

I’m waiting for the 3 month mark to see if it’s helping my hair

Keratin Hair Growth Capsules | 2 Mo. Supply
Melly Lim (Philadelphia, US)
It works

I think it works, my hair less fall out, it has not been a month yet. I took two, biotin booster and unflavored collagen powder. I will order these two products again to see more results.

Coffee Collagen Marine Crushes
Teresa Turner (Bloomer, US)
Great flavor

I loved the flavor

First time taking Keratin

It’s the first time I've taken a Keratin supplement and I've been impressed so far! And is it just me or does it help with skin too? I have noticed improvement with not just my hair.
I swear my skin looks better since I started adding the Hair Boosters to my daily crush drink.

Baby Hairs!

I have been LOVING the new matcha crushes without probiotics. For some reason, the new matcha crushes taste better than before 😊

I have been loving the Hair Boosters too! I've noticed more baby hair around my forehead area. Can't wait to see continued results and improvement with longterm use 😁

I will be placing an order today as my supply is running low and I don't want to be without the products!

Cheers to one of my favorite products out there! xx

My sister in law just got started on her first 30 day supply of crushes, I was raving about the product to all three of my sisters in law and the one my age was the first to take the plunge and place an order (Georgia). I’ll keep spreading the good word!

Love your collagen - I tell anyone who listens this is the best one around.

Healed my psoriasis

Hello, I wanted to let you know something ... I have mild psoriasis and I had noticed that since using your product, it went away. I wasn’t quite sure if that was the contributing factor. Then, over Christmas, you didn’t have stock and I had run out. My psoriasis came back until I got my crushed tonic order. I totally believe that whatever magical ingredients you have in there, it suppresses Psoriasis... at least it did in my case! So thank you.

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
mimi (New York, US)

I’ve been using the crushed tonic collagen for a while and I see a huge difference in my hair ! Thank u !

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Joy Berchem (Milwaukee, US)
Great stuff!!!!

This is my favorite for hair skin nails and joints

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
sara (New York, US)
Almost 30 days of use

I've been taking crushed tonic collagen powder for almost 30 days now, and I feel like there's definitely a difference in the bounciness/glow of my skin! I have pretty good skin in general, but as I've gotten older I can see some of the bounce decrease, so I decided to try collagen. This one is great because I mix it in with my morning coffee, and I can't taste it all!