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Great taste but not 10 servings

This product has a great taste for someone like who is addicted to black iced coffees at Starbucks. My issue is that I measured carefully and did not get 10 servings from this product. It's too pricey to not get the full servings.

MATCHA CRUSHES<br>(marine collagen + probiotics + biotin + matcha)<br>30 drinks<br>

Love it

Just simple, uncomplicated and easy, add in tasteful and a winning formula is delivered to the door

quite good

My morning ritual. Sometimes I don’t even have a second cup of “real” brewed coffee. It is surprisingly very good tasting.

So delicious with oatmilk

Over the last year, my nails got noticeably weaker and my hair started thinning (I'm only 26...). Maybe it's due to COVID stress or not being outside as much? Either way, I was desperate to find anything that might help and I decided to try Crushed Tonic after a friend recommended it to me.

I'm now on my 2nd tub cause this. stuff. WORKS. 👏 I see baby hairs growing back, my nails don't break as easily and even my skin looks so much healthier. This is a 3-in-1 killer for coffee addicts who need extra collagen and protein in their diets. Will definitely be replenishing!!


Hands down the best on the market

To know that Sally created this first for herself, makes me believe in her work. I’ve been using the marine collagen for about a year, every day in my morning coffee. My life is not the same! Now I can’t have coffee without it. 1. It’s completely tasteless and easy to add to a daily routine, 2. It’s sustainably sourced, 3. It’s wild caught (look up the importance!), and 4. I get compliments on my skin all the time! It’s the beauty industry’s unspoken secret weapon, and the quality of this one is by far the best!


Holy moly. It's been 3 weeks since I started taking Crushed Tonic and I can see VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS TO MY SKIN. HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm hooked for life now. My skin thanks you!

Love it! Best Marine Collagen

Absolutely love Crushed Tonic Marine Collagen! Mix in my yogurt and there is zero taste. I can also tell after just 3 weeks my skin is plumper. Can't wait to see how great my hair looks after a couple of months! Highly recommend. So if anyone is on the fence, don't hesitate, you will love it ❤❤❤

Great flavor

Loved it, bought the bigger tubbie after trying this one out!

Nails don’t lie

My nails have never been so strong and smooth, I don’t know what to do with myself.

MATCHA CRUSHES<br>(marine collagen + probiotics + biotin + matcha)<br>30 drinks<br>

Sample Pack

I tried the sample pack of 4 with 3 different flavors. I had hot with almond milk, liked used all of them. Will be ordering more , sample packs; the big pack is a little to expensive right now. Glad I tried !

Perfect start to my day

Ingestible skincare has definitely improved my skin game! I used to take plain marine collagen and I love the added benefits of probiotics and biotin that CT provides. The subtle sweetness from the lucuma makes it a yummy addition to any drink!

Matcha tonic

I absolutely love this product. I use to drink coffee in the morning and crash pretty soon after but with the matcha I can go all day!! Also my skin and pores look so fresh and I get compliments on my hair constantly.

The best

I love this product it doesn’t have an after taste and I can see a difference in my skin!!!

Crushed Tonics coffee container and regular ones

Love it so far and I just ordered more.

Wonderful Product

Immediate result; does all that it says.

My favvvv

None of that gamey taste & overall great quality!

Love it!!!

First off it was a gift for one of my family members and they seem extremely happy with it and she claims that she’s seeing results and I have to agree I’m really happy she liked it.


I am waiting til the new year to start. This was a prize i won. thanks