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Daily staple

I absolutely love the unflavored marine collagen from Crushed Tonic. I use it in my daily coffee and/or smoothie but it’s great in pretty much anything since it has less discernible flavor than even plain gelatin (I tried it plain, in water, to try the unadulterated flavor, and it’s similar to plain gelatin as I expected, but that’s not my favorite method). I noticed an immediate impact on my skin while the benefits for my hair and nails took a bit longer, but were definitely noticeable after 3 months. The tubbie is perfect for my daily routine, while the plain crushes are ideal for travel.

keratin hair growth pills | 2 Months
Terry (Los Angeles, US)
Very promising

Been taking keratin hair growth pills along with the crushes for about a month now and I'm already noticing some growth all over. So I'll keep taking for at least a year and see what happens.

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Whitney B. (Edwards, US)
Favorite part of my skin routine

I’ve been using Crushed Tonic for four months and it definitely works: my under eye hollows have filled in, my nails are growing in strong and healthy, and minor scrapes or cuts heal faster. I love the coffee too - it’s my first drink of the day (fixed with a little oat milk). Highly recommend to anyone interested in a collagen supplement!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Samantha Cardenas (Stockton, US)
Love this!

I’ve loved the coffee so much, i’ve applied drinking it every morning and i already see results, i’m gonna post my tiktok video this week when i finish editing 🤍🫶🏻

So grateful that I found Crushed Tonic!

I've seen so many improvements on my physical and mental health in just 5 months! I used to have cellulite on my thighs since drinking Crushed Tonic I've notice it fade over time! Also I feel like my mind is just a lot more clear! And of course my hair has grown so much and my skin is so glowy and clear! I think no mater your age or gender you would really enjoy this product! So if you have been looking for something truly HEALTHY and PURE to put into your body to help you hair, skin, nails, and overall mind and body health! Than you seriously need to try taking marine collagen by Crushed Tonic!

Your loss if you don’t try

I‘ve been drinking this product for about 5 consecutive years, and now, my day cannot be completed without drinking a cup of CT. Besides every benefits mentioned in other reviews, I drink it as protein powder, quick breakfast, or late night snack. I get constipated easily, but after drinking CT daily, I use my toilet in the morning! I also introduced some of my friends to this product, and they all loved it. The key is to drink it everyday to see the result. TRY IT for 3 months and you won’t regret.

keratin hair growth pills | 2 Months
Jacqueline Arellano (Los Angeles, US)

I lost my hair due to chemotherapy. Ever since I started drinking collagen my hair started to grow faster and now adding the hair pills, it’s growing faster. People have been complementing me on my hair. Thank you for the pills

Marine Collagen
Polly Scott

Love blending it in my coffee!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Sherri Dillon (Brownsburg, US)
My favorite coffee

I have tried tons of different nutritional coffees and this is my favorite. My hair is growing fast and my skin looks good, too. It also gives me energy and taste great

Marine Collagen
Harriet Perry (Hollywood, US)
Thanks for the 50 percent off

It was a nice break thanks crushed tonic!

Marine Collagen
Terry (Compton, US)
Always on the best

With the proliferation of hydrolyzed collagen out there nowadays, i personally believe Crush Tonic continues to remain one of the best, if not the very best. Its results is undeniable.

Honest review

I’m addicted to the crushes! I feel like I have to have them every morning! It took a while for me to get my packaged, but the products for sure are great! I just can’t wait to see my results!

lucuma + marine collagen original crushes
Amir Mathis (Los Angeles, US)

Love the taste. And skin feels amazing already.

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Jenn K (Salisbury, US)
Great in iced coffee!

I’ve been adding a small portion of the coffee+marine collagen to my daily summer iced coffee to keep it from getting watered down and to up my daily collagen intake. I typically mix it with the unflavored collagen so as to not over-caffeinate though.

pure unflavored marine collagen crushes
Jennifer K (Salisbury, US)
Perfect for travel!

Although I prefer the tubbies for at-home use to cut-down on waste, the single-serve crushes are just perfect to make sure I can still get my daily collagen while I’m away from home and on the road since they’re the same great unflavored marine collagen that I love in the regular tubby, just travel-friendly!

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Jessica Zertuche (San Antonio, US)
Saw results and tasted delicious!

This multi variety pack was PERFECT for testing out all the flavors and deciding which crushed tonic drink to add to your daily routine. These drinks taste delicious and leave me feeling beautiful and plump.

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Jenny (Huntington Beach, US)
It’s a great crushed tonic

Love these collagen with different flavor. It’s easy to drink and give my body look and feel good inside & out.

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Ishani Sawant (Saranac Lake, US)
Loved it

I used it while rock climbing and hiking. Loved it

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Kim Chung (Anaheim, US)

My hair looks to be growing a little bit more. The product tastes great and mixes well. No clumping. I drink it with oak milk

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Cassy Brainard (San Jose, US)
I can't taste it!

Where else is No Flavor a plus? But really, it's the best plus ever about collagin. The unflavored IS unflavored. And it dissolves without being clumpy or gummy.

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Casey Cromwell (Colorado Springs, US)
Easy, yummy-friendly protein

I struggle with getting in enough protein and collagen hasn’t done well on my stomach in the past. I love that the marine base makes this collagen so much easier for me to digest, along with the added probiotics and superfoods!

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Cayla Thomas (Cincinnati, US)
My new go to!

I love crushed tonic the flavors are amazing and love all the healthy benefits from this marine collagen! You have to try it!

matcha + marine collagen crushes
Franklin Littaua (La Puente, US)

matcha + marine collagen crushes

pure unflavored marine collagen tubbie
Jameela Pruitt (Norcross, US)

Love it!

pick + pack marine collagen crushes
Elizabeth Barth (Manchester, US)

pick + pack marine collagen crushes