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LOOOOVE crushed tonic

I LOVE crushed tonic! I put it in my coffee every morning . My nails and hair have never been better. I will never stop using it !!!!!! Thank you Crushed Tonic!

easily dissolved without affecting the taste of my drink

love it, I have been consuming for months, it really enhances my hair growth

lucuma + marine collagen crushes
Sam D (Sacramento, US)

lucuma + marine collagen crushes

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Blythe Wilson (Longmont, US)

I would mix my dose in with my daily coffee and it was amazing! After 4 weeks I noticed the lines in my forehead had decreased. Highly recommend

Love crushed tonic

I LOVE crushed tonic ! My hair and nails are stronger and healthier than ever !!! And growing so quick ! I never want to be without crushed tonic !!! Thank you ! And my favorite is the coffee flavor !

I just got the mango and it is delicious! I forgot you said to add it to cold water and I put it in my hot tea and it is SO good !!! And totally perfect in tea - like adding lemon Thank u again !!!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
mimi (New York, US)

Crushed tonic has changed my nails from cracked and brittle to unbelievably strong and my hair is noticeable thicker. The flavors are amazing too . I LOVE crushed tonic!

magic toner | pre-order
Katie (Watertown, US)

Hello! It was lovely although I wasn’t quite sure how to use it. Very soothing and gentle. Softening.

hair growth pills
Harriet Perry (Hollywood, US)
Impressed by research

Have not started hair growth pills as of yet. But will give my opinion as soon as I finish the three bottles I purchased. Looking forward to the great results.

acai + marine collagen tubbie
Megan (Vancouver, CA)

acai + marine collagen tubbie | pre-order

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
lmchit (Los Angeles, US)
Going for that second cup of coffee already and its only 1030

my go-to fuss-free better for you coffee with a dose of collagen <3
literally just one scoop + hot water, that's it!

No taste once mixed

I've always struggled with flavor of marine collagen, and this one was easy for me to drink!

lucuma + marine collagen crushes
Jennifer (Bakersfield, US)
Great Product!

I have been using these products for a few months now and have noticed a huge difference in my skin, hair, and joints. My skin is more hydrated and my pores are smaller. My hair has grown significantly and falls out less. I feel as if my joints have an extra cushion and at the end of my work day I don't feel as if I was hit by a truck. I will definitely keep repurchasing!

Best instant coffee

tried the Marine Collagen Coffee! Best instant coffee I’ve tried. Going to try it hot tomorrow (cold this morning).

Good stuff!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Marylou Gyetvai (Colorado Springs, US)

I really enjoy the coffee tub...Thankyou for the 4 other packets..It really is very good..will purchase another at some point...

pure unflavored marine collagen crushes
Jennifer Garcia (La Mirada, US)


sampler crushes
Marcia Edwards (Brooklyn, US)
I’ve grown accustomed to the taste

The taste is a little off putting initially but very quickly you get used to after the initial use the product is easy to mix and still early for me but I feel good

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Angela Minges (Dayton, US)

Love it

pure unflavored marine collagen tubbie
Carol Jones (Vicksburg, US)
Love it!

Within the first 30 days I noticed I no longer had joint pain from arthritis flair ups. I wish I would have discovered Crushed Tonic sooner! Within 60 days my skin looked better hydrated. I recommend anyone trying for the first time to stick with it daily and give it at least 30 days to start seeing and feeling the difference!

lucuma + marine collagen crushes
Anonymous (West Hollywood, US)
30th order

Not the type to write reviews but seeing that this is my 30th order I wanted to take a second.

CT seriously changed my life !!!
Wow as a guy I wouldn’t have done it without my gf pushing it but it legit filled out my beard. The hair on my head and skin were almost night and day noticeable like a month in so I’ve been hooked since then

But not only does my skin look and feel like a baby’s butt it ABSOLUTELY worked for my hair and now beard. swear this s*it is magic. Like I legit glow in photos now its crazy

pure unflavored marine collagen tubbie
Maria Victoria Torreno (Phoenix, US)


matcha + marine collagen crushes
Debra Gardiner (Ogden, US)
Best Collagen Ever!!

I love this product and highly recommend it!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Jeong Hyun Kim (West Hollywood, US)
how is this instant coffee?

i thought it was just coffee flavored because the coffee was so freaking good. it tastes like an americano. im mindblown.

lucuma + marine collagen crushes
Mara B (Hinsdale, US)
Original Crush

LOVE the original crush I can take it anywhere and mix it in with my favorite drinks!

coffee + marine collagen tubbie
Mara B (Hinsdale, US)
Coffee tubby

I luv the Coffee tubby!!!! I normally get extremely anxious after drinking coffee but since I switched to crushed tonics coffee it has the perfect amount of caffeine and collagen in each scoop that I feel awake and calm after drinking it!!! I can actually start to feel and effects of the collagen after four days of drinking it my body feels a lot better!!!