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Keratin Hair Growth Capsules

My hair has never grown this fast!

31yo guy here -- never really took any supplements before but after trying the keratin pills I've not only stopped my receding hair line but seeing some recovery here too now. I was surprised as didn't really expect it to work this quickly. I am taking two pills per day so a bottle is about a month's supply for me. Very easy!

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen

Good shipping. Good quality and Cute packaging

The powder is easily dissolvable and has a lovely neutral matcha flavor. I can’t wait to see results:)

Just started but if it's like the collagen. It's going to be great! Can't wait to see the results.

Perfect consistency! Creamy and just enough sweetness. Amazing with coffee.

Keratin Hair Growth Capsules (US)

When I received an incorrect order, Crushed Tonic responded quickly to my email and sent the correct order. 👍

Love love love !!

It doesn’t taste like anything to me but still I like mine mixing with chocolate drink. I would definitely buy more!!!

Fast Result

I almost finished my first bag of Lucuma Collagen. I love to mix it with my matcha, but even with a little bit of whole milk already tasted so good. I’ve seen rapid growth on my nails, and they’re getting stronger too! Usually my nails are pretty soft cause I always have acrylic/ gel. I’ve tried so many brands and this brand is truly a gem. Almost bought the viral tiktok collagen powder… but once I’ve seen the price … it’s not math-ing ! I also definitely recommend to follow Sally’s TikTok ( owner ) cause she loves to do a breakdown on the quality for other brands, and she’s deff the collagen expert. I think for Crushed Tonic’s quality , the price is completely worth it .

So smooth and creamy. Great with coffee or alone, love the slightly sweet taste. Not too overwhelming.

Mixes perfectly with my greens and actually makes them taste better.

Great delivery service and always comes in time

Matcha Marine Collagen
Jacqueline Arellano (US)
Customer service is amazing

Ordered has been delivered. I tracked the item and it says “ March 7- pre-shipment, USPS awaiting item”.

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Iuliia Kopytova (US)
Never received my order

It's been almost a month, and I still haven't received my collagen! The delivery was supposed to take 9-12 days, but it's been almost a month, and the package hasn't moved until I contacted customer service (which took 3-5 days to reply). I would not recommend this company to anyone serious about their collagen routine because they do not fulfill deliveries on time, and with collagen, you have to be consistent.

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Customer (US)

So far so good there is no flavor and it makes as well with my coffee. Time will tell if it helps me or not.

Love this! Really helped with hair loss

I have been struggling with hair loss recently, especially with having an iron deficiency. I found when I take crushed tonic marine collagen (matcha flavor is my favorite!) and 1 keratin hair growth capsule every morning really helps! I definitely see less hair fall after showers, and I feel like my hair looks healthy. Will definitely re-purchase so that I’m never out of stock!!

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Bobbie Webster (US)
It’s a habit!

I love this stuff! I put it in my coffee every morning. After a month I noticed stronger hair and nails, less fine lines in my face. Just feels good and healthy at 46!

Noticing a difference in my nails & skin - I’ve been taking them for 3 months now. Love it!

Coffee Marine Collagen

AMAZING product, taste, FOUNDER & customer service - it’s pricey but SO WORTH every penny 💕

Keratin Hair Growth Capsules
Elisa Cardona (US)
Love these capsules

These capsules are amazing and I’ve already seen growth after only a month!!

"Dalkom" Lucuma Marine Collagen
Best Performing, Best Value

I was a fan of Crushed Tonic marine collagen in the original 30-crush sachet canisters before I was swayed into trying Vital Proteins. VP is widely available with lots of promotions (discounts), and sold in tub, daily single packet or capsule options. The price point is alluring. But the reality is that VP only has one marine collagen product in its entire lineup, and it’s uber basic without any enhancements and it shows in the appearance of skin. An added annoyance is that VP packaging never neatly accommodates a full month of product use. The odd servings (18 days, 20 days, 25 days, 51 days, etc.) require either economizing or doubling up to get a full 30 days. I was happy to get back to Crushed Tonic and when the brand recently made pouches with the original crush flavors available, it was a game changer. Much more affordable and less wasteful for the environment, a win-win. CT Dalkom marine collagen is my favorite, as my skin is glowy and happier with organic lucuma superfruit as part of my daily collagen intake. It also smells and tastes much better than VP. With perfectly portioned options for 15 and 30 days, CT is simple to track and impossible to run out of unexpectedly. It’s also worth mentioning that when I broke up with VP, I did look at and research other brands as new ones continually launch in the market. I was happy to confirm that CT was still the best option and the best value for marine collagen at the time of comparison. Additionally, I really love CT standards for clean and ethically sourced marine collagen and supporting a woman owned brand.

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Melanie Dalsimer (US)
I have new eyelashes!

My lower eye lashes have been all but gone for over 10 years. The other week my husband told me I had something under my eye. I kept rubbing but he said it was still there. Then he put his glasses on to help me with my eye and was stunned to tell me that what he saw was new eye lashes! Thank you Crushed Tonic!!

Matcha Marine Collagen
Shaliah Degree (US)
Good stuff!

First of all their customer service is amazing, I had a minor issue that was resolved very quickly. This product mixes well, I add it to my coffee. I have the matcha flavor and it’s bomb. I’d def recommend this to anyone looking for a way to boost collagen, don’t forget the added benefits!

Pure Unflavored Marine Collagen
Danielle (US)

The best collagen I have tried