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MATCHA CRUSHES<br>(marine collagen + probiotics + biotin + matcha)<br>30 drinks<br>

Sample Pack

I tried the sample pack of 4 with 3 different flavors. I had hot with almond milk, liked used all of them. Will be ordering more , sample packs; the big pack is a little to expensive right now. Glad I tried !

Perfect start to my day

Ingestible skincare has definitely improved my skin game! I used to take plain marine collagen and I love the added benefits of probiotics and biotin that CT provides. The subtle sweetness from the lucuma makes it a yummy addition to any drink!

Matcha tonic

I absolutely love this product. I use to drink coffee in the morning and crash pretty soon after but with the matcha I can go all day!! Also my skin and pores look so fresh and I get compliments on my hair constantly.

The best

I love this product it doesn’t have an after taste and I can see a difference in my skin!!!

Crushed Tonics coffee container and regular ones

Love it so far and I just ordered more.

Wonderful Product

Immediate result; does all that it says.

My favvvv

None of that gamey taste & overall great quality!

Love it!!!

First off it was a gift for one of my family members and they seem extremely happy with it and she claims that she’s seeing results and I have to agree I’m really happy she liked it.


I am waiting til the new year to start. This was a prize i won. thanks

Love it

I found crushed tonic through Sephora and fell in love! I see big improvements in my skin, hair, and nails! Unfortunately, this will be added to my is a little pricey but other then that I highly recommend!

Amazing stuff!

Omg im addicted to this stuff! My skin is not so dry anymore and I feel like my hair is getting thicker and more shiny! Its super tasty to! Highly recommend 👌

seriously love this brand so much

I just love your product and getting amazing results!

My hair has gotten thicker and longer.
My skin is more clear and my nails are super long too!

I've tried a lot of collagen and I think your brand is the best.

I'm trying to grow my hair out so I'm excited to keep using this brand!

Reversed my skin!

I have recommended your product to a lot of friends and family and love it myself as its reversed my skin and regulated a lot of stomach issues I had been having. I am so thankful!

Amazing taste + eyelash growth!

I've tried many different collagens in the past and I'm usually unable to stay committed to drinking it due to the taste, however, the CT coffee is one of the best tasting flavors I've ever tried, especially since the coffee is delicious and I cannot taste the collagen.
But what really got me to commit to CT is the fact that my eyelashes have skyrocketed! I started taking CT during the pandemic, and after a month or so, I put on mascara for the first time in a long time, and my lashes basically hit my eyebrows! I'm not sure what all goes into this magical potion, but I'm hooked now that I see what it does to my skin and lashes!

Awesome 😎

This is me favorite coffee ☕️

The Best Marine Collagen Out There

I was an early adopter of supplementing with collagen. I have some chronic injuries and joint pain from 20+ years of impact sports that I manage with a pretty intense training and therapy regimen, and had been taking other brands collagen until I tried Crushed. I noticed the higher quality of this product immediately--finer particles and no strange smell or taste. I also really like knowing that it is responsibly sourced and free from heavy metals and other toxins, which I was definitely concerned about before. Taking crushed daily continues to help with my joint pain and I especially notice it in my knees and back. Will be subscribing indefinitely!

Excellent taste

Collagen and great tasting coffee love it!


I love the energy I receive from my Macha tonic. The taste is really good and I love the way it makes me feel. I’ve been on it less than a month now but I am definitely going to continue. Why wouldn’t I with all the benefits!!
Thank you!!

amazing quality!

I’m really impressed at the quality and density of the drink - 1 scoop yields 1.25 cups of liquid, and the richness of the coffee is still there! Even after adding my nut milk, the drink was still potent, the flavor was still there, and not watered down at all. Love it!!


I have fused your book of recipes with some of those from Wellco. Another product I am very excited about. The two products I have found to show the most results! And I love the assorted crushed tonics. Keeps me from being such a creature of habit, giving me a variety to my diet. I will keep you posted on my results as I am documenting it for my own transformation in health