What are the Benefits of Anti-Aging Ingredient – Resveratrol?

Do you like to relax after a hectic day with a glass of red wine? Then you might be familiar with a notable ingredient found in the skin of grapes, called resveratrol. Studies have shown that this potent antioxidant has numerous health benefits, along with anti-aging characteristics as well.

What is resveratrol?

It is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can be found in the skin of grapes, all berries, peanuts, and dark chocolate. It is available in pill, liquid, and powder form. This ingredient is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols, and used in a variety of skincare products such as serums, creams, moisturizers, and supplements. Polyphenols act as primary antioxidants that protect cells against damage that lead to cellular aging.

What are the benefits of resveratrol?

Protects the skin

When the skin is exposed to sunlight over long periods of time, it can result in intense damage due to UV rays. Resveratrol can not only protects the skin from this damage, but also interrupts negative environmental influences. Skin is the largest organ in the body, and the first line of defense against harmful microorganisms. Using a powerful antioxidant like resveratrol helps boost the skin’s natural barriers, so the skin looks smoother and healthier.

Slows the aging process

Resveratrol functions on a cellular level to fight the process of aging by stimulating healthy cell proliferation. It forms complex molecules with particular metal ions, which inactivates their ability to create free radicals. Thus, it enhances cellular function and supports fibroblasts, while forming healthy collagen.  This combination one-two punch makes resveratrol highly effective in combating the damaging effect of free radicals that leads to skin aging

Healing effect

Does your skin get itchy, red, or break out in rashes? Resveratrol contains skin-calming properties that minimize redness and soothes inflammation.

Moisturizes skin

Regardless of your skin type, you need to moisturize it sufficiently. Resveratrol hydrates skin and prevents it from becoming overly dry.

Evens skin tone

Uneven skin tone can be tough to treat if neglected. So if you notice any areas on the face or body that look patchy, it is best to use a product with resveratrol that can brighten and even skin tone. It works to improve overall texture as well.

Are there any side effects of resveratrol?

No studies have shown negative side effects when it is taken in larger doses by transdermal delivery or ingested. If resveratrol is taken as a supplement, it could interact with blood thinners and NSAID medications, like aspirin and ibuprofen. That is why; it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting on a new supplement or skin routine.

How to use it?

Anyone with sun damage can use resveratrol, regardless of their skin type. It is best to apply it as part of your nighttime skin routine. Getting a fitful sleep at night is essential for healthy-looking skin. Combined with antioxidants, especially resveratrol, you can capitalize on the heightened nighttime repair function to maximize or boost antioxidant production within the skin cells. It is also possible to trigger fibroblast cells to boost collagen.

The step of your routine during which you should apply the resveratrol depends on the type of product you use. For serums, apply it after cleansing. If you use a toner in your skincare routine, apply it after that. On the other hand, if you use resveratrol in a moisturizer, apply it right after cleansing and toning, twice daily, mornings and evenings. It is perfectly safe to use daily as long as there is no harsh reaction of your skin to the product.

Resveratrol is indeed an amazing anti-aging ingredient that should definitely be a part of your beauty and skincare routine. Another key component that effectively combats signs of aging is collagen! Using a combination of these ingredients will ensure that your skin looks young and fresh all the time. To boost collagen in your body, try one of these flavorsome crushes that can be added to any beverage of your choice – Turmeric + Marine Collagen Crush, Lucuma + Marine Collagen Crush, or Coffee + Marine Collagen Crush!

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