Disappointments? I think not! | 12/3/19

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A while ago, @imjennim and I were laughing about how our parents used to call us disappointments because of the career we’ve chosen— (or more like not chosen bc they wanted us to go down the path of medicine / law— typical routes of second generation parents)— and obviously, neither of us listened. ⁣⁣
When I first said screw it and started working on @crushedtonic and my book @collagenglow, I think my dad had a semi-heart attack 😅. ⁣⁣
He used to “joke” that he never would have supported me to attend NYU if he had known I’d toss my degree aside to become a full-time barista (lolll definitely not a joke). ⁣⁣
But now, my dad tells me is that the best decision I’ve ever made was to not listen to him— and he’s not kidding! ❤️ ⁣⁣
So if you’re going through anything even remotely similar, join us next month so we can remind all remind ourselves that sometimes, not turning out the way you’re expected to— might be the best thing for you 💓⁣

Link in bio to rsvp— and special thanks to our @ryucreative dream team for putting this together 🌟

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