0 Sugar Hot Chocolate with Crushed Tonic Collagen Original Crushes


This adult chocolate milk will be just sweet enough to have as your after-dinner dessert.

Cordycep mushrooms are known to boost your immunity and improve liver detox. Its earthy, coffee-tasting tone goes great for raw cacao!⠀


1 original #CrushedTonic
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tsp reishi mushroom powder
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
Pinch of sea salt
1-2 tsp of coconut oil (optional)


    1. In boiling water, add the coconut oil. Stir well.
    2. Add in the reishi mushroom powder.
    3. Add in the cacao powder.
    4. Add in the almond milk.
    5. Sprinkle in a pinch of sea salt.

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