Skin Concern: Aging

"I am only 39. Black puffy circles replaced my eyes, the worry lines around my eyes and mouth were deep and marked. I felt so run down and hopeless. Although I was doing my best nutritionally to stay healthy it was not enough.

I had heard about marine collagen a few different times and over the next few days as my son slept I read watched online and came across your website. To be honest, I ordered it with not much hope.

Now after 3 weeks of using it I can honestly say there is a huge difference in my forehead and lines around my mouth. I also seem to recover more quickly from heavy lifting workouts.

Your product has given me some esteem back. One act of self care has impacted many facets of my life. I feel pretty again. I don't wear makeup , my morning routine takes all of 5 minutes. I drink my water and I eat well and exercise. I am very thankful for this product because I feel like I have taken back the years life put on my face too soon.

I really wish I could order from somewhere in Canada though. Other than that no complaints. I truly love this product. It has renewed my smile when I look in the mirror."

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