"Collagen ingestion significantly improves the overall immunity of our body"

Ingestion of collagen peptide significantly improves immunity, the number of T lymphocytes, memory T cells, and NK cells. There is a term called ‘Scoring of Immunological Vigor’ (SIV)which is an indicator of the comprehensive score of various parameters reflecting immune status.

The immune system defends the body against infections by pathogenic organisms, toxic antigens, and the growth of malignant cells. The immune functions in our bodies can be ascribed to two systems: 

  1. Innate immunity (quick response): This involves natural killer (NK) cells and neutrophils.
  2. Adaptive immunity (slow, specific and retains a memory of its target). This involves  T cells, B cells, and antigen-presenting cells.

Immune competence decreases with age, stress, and malnutrition. Many conventional foods including epigallocatechin/ gallate (from green tea), probiotics, indigestible oligosaccharides (from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts), and vitamins, help modulate the immune functions.  Collagen peptide is a comparatively new age addition to the list of highly beneficial superfoods without adverse side effects.

Collagen ingestion significantly improves the comprehensive immunological status of humans in both the above listed immune functions i.e. 1) Innate immunity  2) Adaptive immunity. Both these immune functions are vital in combating the ongoing SARS-COV2 (coronavirus). 

The other proven and lesser-known benefits of collagen ingestion are:

  • T lymphocyte age, which represents the immunological age, decreases too after regular collagen peptide consumption.
  • The biochemical analysis of the blood shows significant improvement within normal limits. In the urine analysis, no severe changes attributable to collagen ingestion were detected. 
  • Collagen consumption also helps significant improvement in the subjective symptoms of diarrhea and appetite.

Credits of this article: Jpn Pharmacol Ther(薬理と治療)vol. 43 no. 1 2015

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/collagen-ingestion-significantly-improves-overall-immunity-our-/?trackingId=cS05ImjUTYKl4oATlPI6ng%3D%3D



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