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Benefits over the past 2 years

Here are some benefits I saw over the course of my 2+ year collagen + probiotics + biotin regimen:


My hair grew in so much more quicker, and my eyelashes & eyebrows grew in thicker.

I did cheerleading and dance growing up, so the super high ponytails did a number on the root of my hair strands. Because they were so harsh on my follicles, my hair fell out a LOT (that in addition to me being an anxious person and tugging at my hair every five seconds). It was so bad that my sister would put eyeshadow to color my bald spot in with powder before my recitals or photoshoots.

But after drinking collagen and biotin together for 6 months +, my bald spot sprouted back up with hair! It's still not the most filled in, but there's progress!

 March 29th, 2018
October 12th, 2019


    • My skin is so much more hydrated. I used to have chronically dry skin that would peel (the WORST over the winter months in NYC), so I always had a spritz and facial lotion with me, everywhere I went. I barely need to wear moisturizer now!
    • My pores, around my nose, have gotten smaller.
    • My under eye dark circles have gone away. This truly was such a crazy discovery for me; I used to have purple rings underneath my eyes.
    • My skin looks more dewy, and glowy.
    • My skin has gotten brighter, tighter, head to toe: with less cellulite in my thighs.

    Here is my skin with absolutely zero makeup:

    Here is my skin with foundation:


    • I get sick less: the probiotics have truly helped me build up my immunity against the everyday things that used to get me sick. And whenever I feel a cold coming, I drink two turmeric crushes, and I'm totally fine again! 
    • I lost weight; I become fuller and more satiated throughout the day. This makes sense; because it’s essentially like drinking bone broth, and since every drink is packed with 10 g of protein, I don't get hungry for hours after; so ultimately, I consume less calories throughout the day.

      Of course, it’s very important to note that not everyone will see the same results that I have seen given the differences in lifestyle and diet (click here to read about what I eat in a day).





      Also, it took more than 2 years of drinking collagen DAILY for my skin and hair to get to where it is! 







      Some people will take longer to see results, and if they are smoking, or drinking excessively, the benefits of collagen will definitely be harder to see (as those habits will erode your collagen levels).

      And of course, it is better to start taking earlier than later, as you will be taking a more preventative approach; I started taking collagen at the age of 23 (when I got burned).

      Sally's "Skincare Bible"

      Dehydrated Skin

      Again, my biggest problem used to be dry skin; during colder seasons-- and I used to live in NYC, so it used to be really bad-- it was tough to even apply foundation because it would start to pile.

      [ side note: I guess in a way this was good bc it taught me to get used to the flaws of my skin and to live without foundation! ]

      With collagen and this regimen below, my skin is no longer dry!

      So in addition to drinking collagen, here's what I do to combat dry skin:

      1.I use hyaluronic acid or collagen based moisturizers (you'll notice that they're more gel-like than cream. Hyalurlon can carry water weight 1000x it’s own— and it locks in the moisture in your skin super well!)

      2. I apply masks (sometimes sheets, moreso thick cremes) every night

      3. I use oils-- most people think oils cause breakouts, but that's not true! I like to dab a little bit of super clean, organic oils to give my skin the lubricated feel. 


      Scars / Uneven Skintone

      1. I used to be obsessed with glycolic acid, but after finding Aqua Reveal's Satin Bright Soft Water Peel (for Amazon link click here / you can also purchase at Floating Lotus if you live in NYC!), I haven't looked back. I am obsessed with this peel! 

      It's formulated with hyaluronic acid, orange fruit water, rosemary and sage leaf extracts, and aloe leaf and licorice root extracts.

      I exfoliate at least 1x a week with this; if you put a dab of it around your nostrils and rub it in. Within seconds, you’ll see the top layer of your skin melt off.

      [ Side note: your skin will be extra sensitive after and the following day. Make sure to use sunblock, and extra moisturizer. ]

      2. Bio Oil

      Bio-Oil contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil in addition to Vitamins A & E. Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile Oils. It works wonders against scars!

      3. Snail cream

      4. DIY turmeric + sesame paste


      Hairloss / Receding Hairline/ Sparse Brows

      Of course, collagen; but I use rogaine topical that I dip my eyebrow brush into, and brush over my baldspots and eyebrows!


      Large Pores
      I haven't gotten too into Retinol yet, but I hear that it is great for shrinking pore size. Because retinoids increase skin cell turnover and help improve overall thickness of skin, they also help our skin purge oils and residue from the pores (and the less plugged your pores are at their roots, the smaller they look!)

      Salicylic acid is also an excellent ingredient as it exfoliates deep into the pores, which gets rid of dead skin cells that can make the pores appear larger.

      Cleansing correctly is super important. Once a week, I'll use oil-based cleanser-- because oil actually attracts oil, and pulls out the oil that’s deep seated within your pores.

      FYI: Always use sunblock the day of/after (well technically always, but ESPECIALLY) after using the two above. Your skin is extremely sensitive after!



      Unfortunately, my skin is so sensitive that I don't like to put it through facials.

      But if I do go: 

      Collagen Bar @ The Floating Lotus-- Forma Facial

      I love this facial; it makes my skin look iridescent after almost. Click here to read more about Diana's Forma facials!

      Emma @ Skin Worship-- this custom facial Emma designed for me was heavenly. 

      It is an experiential facial that uses Meditation, Chakra Clearing, LED lights, Microdermabrasion, and oxygen for a skin to soul wellness (mind+ body + spirit) glow ($200)!


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