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My favorite part of my job is when I get to meet my clients.

My favorite reviews:

“As a formerly acne ridden and supremely sun damaged girl that had hormone acne hit her face with a vengeance after thyroid cancer, this product was so insanely helpful while getting hormones back in order and keeping my skin from looking like it aged while I was at a low estrogen period. I will literally never be able to thank the founder enough. I don’t wear make up to class anymore / daily anymore and I tell everyone to order her stuff.”
"I have been cutting my nails every 2 weeks & I’ve noticed the new nail growth is thicker and lighter which is crazy! Also, I’ve noticed my hair is growing much faster! I’m still getting it trimmed every 7 weeks, but I can definitely say Crushed Tonic has improved my hair growth rate! & best of all I have been struggling with digestion issues & since Crushed Tonic I’ve been going to the bathroom everyday compared to once or twice a week! I need more and now my mom wants to try it! ❤️
I’ve been using Crushed Tonic for a little over a month. I had some major gum surgery a couple of weeks back & my surgeon was astounded at how well I healed!
My skin is glowing! My hair & eyelashes are looking pretty on point too!!!I'm loving this product. I began taking it almost a month ago and have noticed a visible difference in my skin and also in the reduction of my joint pain that I have battled with for some time. My daughter had no idea I was taking this and one day she looks at me and makes the comment "you look different, your hair and skin look great." Great thing to hear for this 50 year old mom. :-) I would definitely recommend this product.

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