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Monica is a digital liaison who works across various industries with companies and brands all over the world. We met Monica right when Crushed Tonic first launched, and she's been one of our most supportive ambassadors since! We loved that we were able to be a part of Monica's wedding prep journey by supporting her goal of achieving the most glowing skin and hair on her special day. Follow her @itsmemonicamarie!

Tell me a little about yourself: 
Native New Yorker moved to Sevilla, Spain for a brief stint in teaching English, fell in love, and wound up working in international events and marketing.
Where do you live?
I reside in Seville, Spain (and love it!) but frequently travel to New York - it will always be home!
What made you start drinking Crushed Tonic?
I read an article on Well+Good  some time and became intrigued by all the benefits CT presents, especially the probiotics + protein components. I also loved the company's mission, the genuineness of its founder, and the fact that it's made with fish - not meat.  I decided to start taking it a year before my wedding so I could truly have that newlywed glow and live the experience to tell to other brides.
What results were you the happiest about from Crushed Tonic?
My skin and my nails. I've always battled with acne and pimple picking (they itch, sorry not sorry!) My nails always split and I was worried about any wedding hand close-ups because YIKES - they were bad! I am proud to say that months post-wedding, I still have better skin and these crazy long-and-strong nails.
How long did it take you to see your results?
In one month, I noticed my hair was stronger and less brittle. In 3 months my skin was way clearer, though still prone to some hormonal breakouts. In one year, my nails grow faster and stronger than ever before! 
What are 3 other foods or supplements you try to incorporate to your diet daily routinely?
Greens (Spinach), iron, protein - and something for my sweet tooth (always)! 
Any wellness or skincare tips?
Start taking care of your skin - NOW! Eye cream, moisturizer, and WATER! Get yourself a hydrating mist: you'll feel super fancy and you'll be giving yourself that H20 glow at the same time.
Any morning / evening rituals?
Water first thing in the morning, something light for dinner at night. (But make an exception when you need to - it's ok!) I just tried BLITHE. Soothing & Healing Green Tea Splash Mask at night and WHOA - it's amazing.
Favorite Crushed Tonic flavor?
Toughy - I like them all but am crushin' on Matcha these days.
Favorite Crushed Tonic recipe?
I usually take my Tonic straight up with room-temp water (boring, yes) but on occasion, I mix the Original flavor in my iced coffee (dark roast brewed with cinnamon + spelt OR walnut OR millet milk ice + Stevia if I'm really craving sugar).
Favorite restaurant in your neighborhood? 
In NYC? Yikes, that's tough. I always meet friends at the Olive Tree Café for the vibes and location. I loved Little Frankie's for my post-wedding brunch and delicious drinks with a view. Delicious food is everywhere in NYC - this is a trick question! (Don't get me started on Sevilla now...)
Favorite magazine(s)?
SO many (Self, Vogue, Elle, inc., Bon Appetit, ...) depends on the day or destination.
Favorite athletic brand
I wish I could say I had a closet full of Fabletics but I usually stop at Target or TJ Maxx to see what they've got!
Favorite place in the world?
I've seen a lot of places and have so many more to go but nothing beats home-sweet-home. (Both NY and Sevilla!)
Favorite dessert?
These questions! So tough. Generally speaking, I love anything with (dark) chocolate. I also love ice cream. And lemon. We had these deconstructed lemon meringue pots at our wedding and they were SO good. So was our cake - mascarpone ricotta cheesecake - holy moly! (And this comes from a "Eh, cake is ok" person. (Thanks, Hans/ Bartleby & Sage!)

Before and after CT 

"Sans filter, sans makeup, in October 2018. This was before my CT journey the day we got engaged (March 2017) - not many photos without a filter because I have always been self-conscious of my skin! 

Tell us about your wedding and what your favorite parts were! What made it special?  How did you know when to say "yes to the dress"?
My dress was the same one my mom wore 41+ years ago.
What was your proposal like?

Manolo asked my parents if they'd accept him as family and if he could have their blessing to marry their daughter in both NYC and Spain. Knowing my grandmother's Alzheimers had set in, he asked her mother (and the new owner of the heirloom) if he could give me her engagement ring to keep it in the family. He worked along with his family jeweler to design a piece that boasted the family diamond and something with a modern touch that I would cherish forever. The original ring's stone was replaced with a garnet, my grandma's birthday month stone, and given to my mother during my first bridal gown trial. Manolo popped the question with our dog in tow, the two of us sitting side-by-side on a Mudejar-tiled bench in the breathtaking Plaza de España in Sevilla - our favorite landmark.

How did you prep your skin and hair for your wedding?
For hair, I tried minimal blow drying to reduce heat damage and split ends. I also went and got a regular ol' cleansing facial one week before each wedding.

Photo: Maggie Marguerite Studio
Florist: Lindsay Rae Design
Venue: Midtown Loft & Terrace
Furniture: Two of a Kind
Catering: Bartleby & Sage
Band: The Silver Arrow Band


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