Kardashian Beauty Routine

The Kardashian-Jenner family has seen massive success because of their reality show and subsequent business ventures. They are most well known as fashion and beauty icons, and millions follow them to see insight into their expensive and lavish life. What many don’t realize, however, is how much work they put into keeping themselves healthy and camera-ready. Throughout the years they have shared beauty tips and secrets that can help you feeling and looking better, and we can learn something from each of the five sisters. 

Kourtney’s Health and Beauty Tips

Kourtney is the residential health supplement expert of the family. She focuses on taking care of her skin from the inside out, paying attention to what her body needs in order to thrive. She has posted on her Instagram story about her frequent use of turmeric, even in her own beauty line Poosh. She called it her “obsession” because of its use for fighting acne as well as its anti-aging properties (source). Kourtney also uses a collagen protein powder mixed in water each morning for its ability to help reduce signs of aging and support the body. The wellness drink is great for those who are aging because our production of collagen slows as we age.

Kourtney is also known for drinking probiotics in order to add healthy bacteria that can help with digestive issues and help your immune system. All of these combined help her to stay healthy and glowing at all times- as anyone who has watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians can attest to. To get Kourtney’s signature vibrant glow, using Crushed Tonic’s Original Crushes can provide nourishment at the cellular level to provide anti-aging benefits. 

Kim’s Sunscreen Secrets

Kim, the sister who helped bring the family to fame, is known for her glowy skin and matte makeup looks. She uses moisturizer multiple times to ensure that her skin stays hydrated and looking young. Kim encourages everyone to wear sunscreen constantly, even using a SPF 50 mist to reapply over a full face of makeup (source). Reapplication is vital when you’re spending multiple hours in the sun, so tips like these can save your skin harsh burns and early wrinkles or signs of aging. 

Khloe’s Importance of Routine

Khloe says because her mother was adamant on the girls taking care of their skin,“we’ve always had a good skincare routine." Like the other sisters, she always stresses the importance of sunscreen and exfoliation in order to stay looking young and vibrant. 

Kylie’s Glow Formula

Kylie, who has seen massive success with the creation of her makeup and skincare brand with her own name, has many tried and true products and parts to her routine. She uses a face wash that is gentle, making sure that her skin won't be stripped. All of the products she uses center around giving her a natural glow so any makeup that is put on top sits perfectly, such as a Vitamin C Serum and an extra layer of sun protection.

Kendall DIY Secrets

The model of the family is no stranger to using natural ingredients to keep her skin perfect, whether it be for a shoot or runway walk. She begins with a homemade mask made by combining avocado, oatmeal. Honey, and lavender oil (source). This sets her up for a full day of luminosity because of the glowing properties of the ingredients. 

The Kar-Jenner clan has been at the forefront of the beauty industry for years because of their vast knowledge and ability to scale businesses with their fame. Everyone can learn something from their arsenal of tips and tricks to stay glowing and ready for anything!

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