Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Secrets!

Ever wondered how Kylie Jenner manages to look incredible in every picture? The reality TV star, makeup mogul, and youngest self-made billionaire, looks gorgeous both with and without makeup! While she has an expensive makeup and skincare routine, which most of us can’t really afford (read: thousands of dollars), she has suggested a few makeup tips, which we can definitely follow – take a look:

Eye makeup should be first

While most of us slap on foundation before anything else, Kylie recommends that the first step of your routine should be the eye makeup. This way if any speck of eye shadow falls on your face, your makeup won’t get ruined.

Highlight before foundation

Kylie says that the highlighter needs to be applied before foundation instead of doing the usual highlighter after foundation step. This “changed order” minimizes the artificial make up look, to give your skin a natural glow. The areas to use the highlighter are the cheekbones, tip of the nose, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow.

Concealer can define brows too

Kylie firmly believes that one product can have many uses. Concealer not only camouflages dark spots and blemishes, but it can be used to define and accentuate your brows too. To be at the top of your brow game, follow Kylie’s tip and outline your brows with a concealer in order to make them more defined.

Eye shadow works as a liner as well

It is no secret that Kylie loves to experiment with her makeup looks. So whenever she is tired of using a black liner on her eyes, she chooses bright and bold colors instead. This is when her eye shadow palette comes in handy. She taps an angled liner brush in the shadow of her choice and goes on to make a colorful wing. So those of you, who wish to try something different without spending on new products, this tip is apt!

Wet sponge to avoid cakey makeup

This hack is not only recommended by Kylie, but by makeup artists all over the world. Wet the sponge before applying the setting powder – wet it just a little; not too much. It imparts the desired effect without the makeup looking cakey. This tip is also useful before applying foundation or concealer.

Yet another use for concealer – longer lasting lip color

Kylie’s lip kits played a crucial role in making her a billionaire! She prefers the use of lip liners over lipsticks because they last longer. She also suggests applying a bit of concealer after applying the lipstick to seal it in. This way, the lip color stays all day long.

Last but not the least…follow a skincare routine and stick to it!

Kylie might have an expensive skincare regimen, but it is relatively simple. She begins her day with a “Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize” routine and never gives it a miss. She also keeps her skin hydrated throughout the day, and applies sunscreen before stepping. Kylie makes it a point to remove her makeup every night before going to sleep. According to her, it is necessary to have no makeup days too – let your skin breathe and recover!

Now that you are privy to some of Kylie Jenner’s makeup tips, don’t forget to try them out! While following a consistent skincare routine, infuse the skin with a healthy dose of collagen too. These Marine Collagen Crushes are exactly what you need to keep those nasty signs of aging at bay! Try out our many wonderful flavors – Turmeric, Mango, Matcha, or Coffee!




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