Road to Healthier Habits | Ripple Giveaway

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite self-care brands, Ripple— zero nicotine, plant-powered diffusers, to boost your 2021 wellness game ! 💨

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It’s the perfect time of the year for you to start prepping for you and your loved ones' health game for the upcoming year!

Let’s get sipping and ripping!
So this giveaway is a little bit more personal for me as I have an emotional attachment to ripple!

Ripple has been a brand I’ve been a fan of day since day one— and for so many reasons.

First and foremost, I’ve never been the person to smoke e-cigarettes orvapes. But when juuls came out and everyone was puffing away at them, I would constantly be asking my friends for a hit of theirs.
Over the course of the year, I had become a juul-addict on the weekends (I never purchased my own, so I think that’s good, but the germaphobe in me cringes at the thought of how many juuls I shared with people!) 

The fact that I was so into juuls was quite alarming and scary to me. It was a habit that I didn’t need yet I saw myself picking it up solely on the fact that everyone around me was using it, and it smelled and tasted so good. I also was obsessed with the oral fixation of it, and I found myself puffing away at a scary amount.

Then, I was introduced to ripple-- and I became so relieved because I finally found and healthier alternative to juuling. 

But while I loved using it at parties or at social events where I no longer cared to use my friends' juuls— my favorite reason for ripple is actually when I am home!

Whenever I get anxious (which happens often), I take a few deep puffs. It forces me to breathe deeper, which helps me focus more on the task at hand instead of the anxiety swirling inside me! It's meditative.


I've interviewed the co-founders, Sam and Lucie Beecham, on why they started Ripple!

What made you start Ripple?
S & L: We created ripple following a joint pact to quit nicotine!
We had watched so many close family and friends struggle to quit nicotine and thought there was space in the market for something totally different! Ripple was then born, the world's first natural plant-based diffuser. 
Following months of research and development, we launched the Ripple - the plant-based, zero-nicotine alternative; with the simple message - ‘Nicotine Is Dumb.’ Ripple’s hand-held devices deliver natural and organic plant-powered puffs, in four non-addictive, zero-nicotine formulas.
We are now on a mission to get the world off nicotine together. Easily, the most rewarding part of our day-to-day is hearing stories from all the customers who gave up the habit!
What is your wellness secret?
L: Using aromatherapy to get us through the day - scents literally have superpowers! When formulating ripple, we carefully curated botanical blends for each flavor to add that holistic touch. People think aromatherapy is mainly designed for relaxation, but some of our formulas are designed to give you that natural energy lift for when you need that midday pick-me-up, and it honestly works wonders! The other one is to drink lots of water (with a sprinkle of CT, of course!) No, really. We’re big on hydration at ripple HQ, and it does wonders for supporting your all-over wellbeing!
S: Indulging in feel-good habits every morning! I try to walk to work every day, and I always plug into a podcast on my way in - it helps me clear my mind before a long day. I have a few puffs of POWER alongside my morning coffee (it’s a sick combo).
What is your favorite crushed tonic flavor? Why?
L: Original Crush: It is so sweet and amazing - it makes any drink the most tasty! It also makes me feel balanced, refreshed, and good about myself before the day! 
S: Turmeric Crush: I Iove turmeric with a little honey in the mornings 😊. I have a bad tummy most of the time and the Crushed formula with probiotics and turmeric work a dream! 
Favorite desk-side snack?
S: Starbucks cheese & marmite panini 🤷‍♀️
L: Asahi beer 😳!

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