What happens when you start taking Crushed Tonic

We all may know the benefits of collagen for our skin but what really happens to us when we start using Crushed Tonic? What changes in our body occur after using Crushed Tonic for a duration of time? Collagen may be able to help your body more than you had originally expected.

It’s hard to imagine, but around 250,000 suffer from a progressive and incurable condition called CRPS in the United States. Solutions to manage symptoms include surgeries, physical therapy, and a cocktail of prescriptions such as gabapentin. That of course is why, Lissette, a young yoga teacher who suffered from CRPS turned to alternative solutions for a cure - no factories or pharmaceuticals necessary! All it took was collagen.

After one month of taking collagen, the dark circles that Lissette had been self-conscious of since she was a little girl had simply vanished. Her skin became firmer and her CRPS was not as chronic as it had once been. The healing effects of collagen did not stop there. Two months had passed and besides having flawless skin, Lissette was able to practice yoga again! The pain of CRPS had made it impossible to do so before collagen. Within three months of consistently taking collagen all of Lissette's CRPS symptoms had simply vanished. Something that she had never imagined happening to her.

Taking Crushed Tonic collagen once a day is a natural way to not just heal your skin but can help strengthen your bones and joints too.

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