“A New Flavor of K-Beauty” | ALLURE AUGUST 2018

"The next Korean phenom to hit Sephora isn’t a Jell-O pressed serum or a 12-step layering routine. It’s Crushed Tonic, a collagen supplement. Its creator, Korean-American entrepreneur Sally Olivia Kim, was inspired by her family’s seafood-heavy meals.”the Korean diet incorporates collagen-rich foods, like squid, octopus, and jellyfish,” says Soon Too Cindy Bae, a Korean-American dermatologist in New York City who also grew up eating all three. Crushed Tonic’s marine-based collagen powder comes in three (blessedly unfitly) flavors— Turmeric, Matcha, and the slightly sweet Original— and can be mixed with water, smoothies, or tea. While collagen is most often associated with tighter, plumper skin, recent studies show that this marine-sourced variety may stimulate hair growth, too. “ hair and skin contain collagen, and preliminary research shows that ingesting it might provide a bioavailable source to help support the health of both.” Bae says. More research is needed, though, and any results you see will require dedication: “These early studies show benefits after three to six months of daily use.”

*Marine collagen must be sterilized, pasteurized, filtered, and demineralized (as it is in Crushed Tonic) to ensure there isn’t any mercury or other toxic metals in the mix.

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