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What if there was a way to improve the look of wrinkles, dark circles on your face and target thinning hair at the same time? What if this product also improved muscle, joint and bone health? What if you could do all of this without even changing your daily routine?

You probably think we’re making this up right now – but trust us on this. We found the one supplement that does it all, and you can get for just $15 for a sampler pack. Oh, and it tastes good, too!

It’s called Crushed Tonic, and it is about to change your life. It comes as a single-use sachet that can be mixed into a drink to metabolize energy more efficiently, boost your complexion and help your hair grow.


best anti aging collagen supplement for skin and health



best anti aging collagen supplement for skin and health


What Crushed Tonic Is & Why You Need It



Crushed Tonic is an anti-aging wellness cocktail that made with matcha, turmeric or lucuma, and includes collagen, biotin and literally one billion probiotics, which give your body the boost it needs to rejuvenate from the inside out. You can stir a Crushed Tonic pouch into your daily cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your heart desires and it starts reducing the appearance of wrinkles, strengthening your hair and promoting whole-body health.


best anti aging collagen supplement for skin and health



Key Benefits Of Crushed Tonic’s Collagen Elixirs

According to the brand’s CEO Sally Olivia Kim, Crushed Tonic’s rich blend of collagen, biotin and probiotics basically work wonders on your body to give you a plethora of results:

- Increase skin hydration and firmness

- Strengthen and quicken hair growth

- Reduce wrinkles

- Strengthen immunity

- Improve digestive health

- Aid cell and muscle regeneration

- Improve bone density


best anti aging collagen supplement for skin and health



Promising Reviews

“If you’re a coffee addict and beauty guru alike this product is for you. When I give into my daily coffee fix I like to feel like I’m doing something a lil extra for my body so I add a bit of crushed tonic and voila! My skin is brighter than it’s been in a long time which is proof that beauty works best inside to out. If you’re not a coffee drinker, try the matcha flavor in hot water. Love this product!” - annied

“Amazing product! Tastes fantastic when mixed appropriately per the directions. I enjoy all three variations and had immediate facial glow. I started with the sampler pack but ordering the month supply. I am so grateful for finding this product.” - MichelleAkaDex

“This is a great product to try out and decide which crush you will want to use. It has marine collagen, probiotics, antioxidants and biotin. The collagen comes from tilapia. I personally like the turmeric one, because it is good for inflammation and I have chronic pain. The matcha is good for mental capacity and the plain one is an overall anti-aging. These can be used alone or in smoothies, teas, coffee or any drinks you want. I think the price is for the month supply is a little high but for what you are getting and how they are supposed to make you feel I suppose it must be worth it. I like being able to try out a sampler kit of the flavors. This contains 2 plain, 1 matcha and 1 turmeric. Many companies have similar products but they are not as good as Crushed Tonic is. I am hoping to try out the month supply of Turmeric and get my pain and inflammation down as well as helping my skin become more radiant. I'd also like to get my hair to become less frizzy and have it grow more. The biotin also helps nails grow, but alas doesn't strengthen them much. Hope this review helps!” - mpapa

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