Why Aqua Cultured Tilapia Collagen?

1. Our tilapia collagen contains no metals— many breeds of wild fish now contain high levels of mercury and other toxic metals, while our collagen was tested to contain less than 0.01 PPM.

2. All of our tilapia collagen goes through a validated and safe process (sterilization and pasteurization, filtration, UF, and demineralization), something that many collagen companies cannot stand behind.

3. Our collagen is also irradiated and is contaminants free, carbohydrate free, cholesterol free, and preservative free.

4. Tilapia collagen tastes better— some of the other fish brands had a stronger, gamier taste, while tilapia collagen is essentially flavorless. This was the most important reason for me to go with my collagen; collagen is something that needs to be drank daily for at least 4 weeks for full effects, yet when I started drinking it, we all hated the taste of it so much! We knew that for our customers to be on board with the effects, they had to be on board with the taste first.

5. It is also the most effective— not only is it the highest in bioavailability compared to the other sources of marine collagen, tilapia skin is the best in promoting wound healing and skin regeneration (ingestion of tilapia collagen encourages the growth of fibroblasts & increases the expression of genes involved in wound healing). Tilapia also has the highest concentrations of protein in their scales (hence why it is the fish chosen to be used as bandages for burn victims)

6. It is sustainably sourced—because tilapia is so abundantly farmed (and the skin is so often discarded), sourcing collagen from aquacultured tilapia is the most environmentally friendly.
7. Our tilapia collagen is Kosher and Halal certified. Non-GMO, GF, Dairy Free, Keto-Friendly.

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