3 Mask You Should Try

I know there’s so many blogs about skincare routines that say the “best mask you need”, “most unique/popular mask you have to get”, or something similar. 

But I still want to bring these 3 masks up, because it is my go-to skincare routine. Even when I travel or business trip, I have to bring it with me, otherwise I cannot imagine how horrible my skin will be after my trip.

And also, these 3 masks are not popular in the U.S which means not much people know about it, so I HAVE to share it with all my Crushes babes!

  • Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask
  • This mask is not a normal mask, the mask sheet is actually made by coconut gel. Because of the special material of the sheet, the mask can literally cling on every single part of my skin. The main ingredients are superfood pumpkin which is soothing nutrients that relieve dry and flaky skin, 24K gold brightens the overall appearance of the complexion and adds radiance. 

    Every single time after I use it, my skin feels as smooth as the skin when I peel boiled eggs. Even the next day, my skin still stays smooth, it looks like I use Facetune on my face in reality.

  • JM Solution Water Luminous Mask Special Program
  • If you are a fan of Korean sheet masks, you probably know JM Solution. But, you might not know this water luminous mask special program. It comes with 10 skin hydrating booster ampoules and 10 skin mask sheets. Before using the mask sheets, we need to use the ampoule just like serum on our face, and remember we can also use it for our neck! After the ampoule, just put the mask sheet on our face. I promise you, after you take off the mask, you will thank me. 

  • Saborino Morning Face Mask
  • For this morning face mask, only thing I can say is you HAVE to get this one. I know this mask through one of my model friends, her skin is always glowing even without any makeup on. And you all know sometimes models are lazy, so sometimes they would sleep with makeup on which is not good for our skin. But my friend uses this morning face mask everyday when she wakes up, and it only takes 3-5 minutes, she can basically use that time to make some breakfast or get some water. After I tried it for a couple days, I can really see the difference that my skin is glowing without makeup. You will thank me later!

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