A New Way To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone knows the benefits of apple cider vinegar to us, the only thing is most people don't like about apple cider vinegar is the taste. But I got you, believe me after you try my special recipes, you will fall in love with apple cider vinegar, not because of the benefits to your body but how good it tastes!

So, the first thing we need to get, of course, is a bottle of apple cider vinegar! You can choose any brand based on your choice. 

And then, you have to get something that will turn everything differently, which is my secret ingredient, only shared with my Crushed babies!

They have different flavors, such as grape, peach, pineapple, green apple, and etc. It’s 100% fruit vinegar produced home-made style, and also has anti-ageing agents, it aids in collagen production and protection against sun damage. Don’t forget it also helps with losing weight.

After you have these two vinegars, just simply put the fruit vinegar into water and whenever the color changes it means enough fruit vinegar. And then we just add apple cider vinegar, not too much because we are not big fans of the taste. Then mix all with water.

Please try and I promise that you will love it!

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