You will love this perfume

Most of my friends will buy those big brands perfume, such as Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford…… But to be honest, all these perfumes are too normal which makes you might go to a party, and find out there’s 5 girls using the same perfume as yours. Do you really like that? Because I don’t, I prefer something unique that when I go out, people will ask “oh your perfume smells good, which one you use?” 

And honestly, whenever I use this perfume, 7 out of 10 people really asked me about my perfume.

That’s why I really want to share with all my Crushed babies!


For this brand of perfume, I really like the design of the package. It’s simple but also artistic. And all the packages are inspired by a photographer named Dawid. They use Dawid’s photographs as the image in the package, it literally looks like fine art but instead of art, it's a fine fragrance. Even though the name of the brand is somehow unique, it actually stands for the address where the ideas for the fragrance range are born: Sibyllegatan 79 in Stockholm. 

They use numbers to name all the perfumes, which match their simple style. The one I got is N°3, colored with the liveliness of lemon and citrus with fruity notes of apple,it has a deep feminine and warm base expressed by orange blossom, freshness of green tea and warm woods and soft amber. But to be honest, others all smell good too, this one just my personal favorite one!

I hope you like it as I do!  

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